American Royals IV: Reign By Katharine McGee

It’s so hard to say goodby to our favorite American royal family…


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  • My Pick for February

    The Sweet Spot

    Amy Poeppel

    The most charming story of family chaos, the strength of friendships, and the delight (and absurdity) life offers in its unexpected moments.
    February’s Book Pick
  • My Pick for January

    Lost and Found In Paris

    Lian Dolan

    A fizzy art history mystery you won't be able to put down!
    Let’s Read! Lost and Found in Paris
  • My Pick for December

    Something From Tiffany's

    Melissa Hill

    So good they made it into a holiday movie!
    Let’s Read! Something From Tiffany's
  • My Pick for November

    Part of Your World

    Abby Jimenez

    I would call this book a Hallmark movie with an edge!
    Let’s Read! Part of Your World
  • My Pick for October

    A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting

    Sophie Irwin

    I’m not typically a historical fiction kind of gal, but this book got me from the start. The charm! The wit! The dialogue! I couldn’t put it down. Truly the perfect fall read.
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  • My Pick for September

    Nora Goes Off Script

    Annabel Monaghan

    Anyone remotely interested in women’s fiction should read this book immediately!
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  • My Pick for August

    The Bodyguard

    Katherine Center

    Major Miss Congeniality vibes!
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  • My Pick for July

    Meant To Be Mine

    Hannah Orenstein

    Truly a delight from start to finish!
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  • My Pick for June


    American Royals III: Rivals

    Our beloved American Royals series is back
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  • My Pick for May

    Meet Me in The Margins

    Melissa Ferguson

    I had zero expectations when I started this one and wow, I was truly obsessed from the beginning! So charming.
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  • My Pick for April

    April: In a New York Minute

    Kate Spencer

    It is everything we love in a rom-com: Amazing meet-cute, great chemistry, and the city of New York is a character all her own!
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  • My Pick for March

    March: Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead

    Elle Cosimano

    A murder mystery meets romantic comedy… with laugh out loud antics, what could be better?!
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  • My Pick for February

    The Soulmate Equation

    Christina Lauren

    So flirty and fun... just what we need this February!
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  • My Pick for January

    Without a Hitch

    Mary Huddleston & Asher Fogle Paul

    I giggled my way through this entire book, It was pure delight! This story is going to start us off on the right foot this year, I’m sure of it.
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  • My Pick for December

    A Season for Second Chances

    Jenny Bayliss

    This cozy read will have you rooting for Annie from page 1. Trust me.
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  • My Pick for November

    The Holiday Swap

    Maggie Knox

    If you are looking for a book that is a little Gilmore Girls and a little You’ve Got Mail… this is the holiday read for you! I can’t wait for you to kick off the holiday season with The Holiday Swap!
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