Baby Girl Chambers Is Here!

Baby girl Chambers has arrived and we are in heaven. Thank you for all the love as we welcomed our newest little one home…


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  • My Pick For April

    Expiration Dates

    Rebecca Serle

    A romantic gem of a story that keeps you guessing until the very end...
    April's Book
  • My Pick For March

    The Burnout

    Sophie Kinsella

    A hilarious rom-com that tackles real issues in a delightful way…
    March's Book
  • My Pick For February

    The Second Chance Hotel

    Sierra Godfrey

    A beautiful adventure full of second chances…
    February's Book
  • My Pick For January

    The Mystery Guest

    Nita Prose

    The most charming and delightful whodunit...
    January's Book
  • My Pick For December

    Bright Lights, Big Christmas

    Mary Kay Andrews

    A cozy Christmas romance, all tied up in a festive bow...
    December's Book
  • My Pick For November

    Emergency Contact

    Lauren Layne & Anthony Ledonne

    A smart and witty, heartwarming and festive holiday read…
    November's Book
  • My Pick for October

    The Seven Year Slip

    Ashley Poston

    A story so easy to adore! A cozy romance that feels real and raw, but also fantastical and fun...
    October's Book
  • My Pick for September

    American Royals IV: Reign

    Katharine McGee

    This is the fourth and final installment of the American Royals series, full of drama and intrigue, romance and royalty...
    September's Book
  • My Pick for August

    Flying Solo

    Linda Holmes

    A story with a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of heart...
    August's Book
  • My Pick for July

    The True Love Experiment

    Christina Lauren

    This book was so funny and *fizzy* and honestly, downright enjoyable...
    July's Book
  • My Pick for June

    Same Time Next Summer

    Annabel Monaghan

    This book is the ultimate summer nostalgia read and an unforgettable love story...
    June's Book
  • My Pick for May

    Happy Place

    Emily Henry

    A sweet tale full of friendship, romance, and second chances...
    May's Book
  • My Pick for April

    Funny You Should Ask

    Elissa Sussman

    A beautiful, fun, heartfelt love story that I couldn’t put down...
    April's Book
  • My Pick for March

    Finlay Donovan Jumps The Gun

    Elle Cosimano

    Elle's books are heart-felt, witty, and true page turners, and this one is no exception...
    May's Book
  • My Pick for February

    The Sweet Spot

    Amy Poeppel

    Amy Poeppel is an author I adore, and her latest book looks warm and witty...
    February's Book
  • My Pick for January

    Lost And Found In Paris

    Lian Dolan

    A sparkly adventure through Paris involving famous artists, missing art, and a little romance...
    January's Book


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