I am unashamedly a fall girl! I love the back to school vibes and the cozy feeling that emerges as the days get shorter. To be perfectly honest, living in Florida can sometimes be a downer because our weather doesn’t provide the drama of leaves changing and cooler temperatures. So I usually rely on a trip to our family cabin in the mountains to get my Fall fix and experience some sweater weather. The other thing that helps? BOOKS! I love the way books can transport us to other places and immerse us in different atmospheres. There are so many good books that give me that fall feeling and the fall months usually hold some of the biggest book releases of the year. So I thought it would be fun to put together a few of my favorite backlist and upcoming titles I think you’ll love to add to your fall reading list.

10 Books to Read in the Fall

Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist

Maybe it’s the lead up to the holidays but fall makes me want to gather my people around the table. This memoir by Shauna Niequist is full of essays about how food and wine bring us together and how giving and receiving hospitality nourishes us physically and spiritually.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Fall screams back to school to me and The Secret History is the ultimate campus novel.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

September feels like the other January to me and this book on habit formation by James Clear could be just the thing to propel you to a great fall and a strong finish to the year.

Rush by Lisa Patton

I love this book! Our book club read it together in 2019 and it was such a treat to interview Lisa Patton. This is terrific look at the greek system, class, and race.

As Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

One of my favorite fall activities is hiking! We always fit a hike or two into our trips to Blue Ridge, GA and I love it. This book by Bill Bryson all about the Appalachian Trail feels like fall to me and I love imagining all the beautiful foliage you might see hiking this American icon.

The Ex Hex by Erin Stelling

OK, I am not super into the spooky aspects of fall. You can keep your haunted house and your Stephen King books. But I do love spooky with a light hearted twist and that’s exactly what The Ex Hex is! A witch casts a hex on her boyfriend with pretty disastrous and funny consequences for the whole town.

Never Can Say Goodbye: Writers on Their Unshakable Love for New York edited by Sari Botton

It’s no secret that I love New York City. We go a few times a year and I have to say fall is when she really shines! I love this anthology of writers writing about their love of the city. If you have a little NYC wanderlust this is one of the books to add to your TBR ASAP.

Tiny Imperfections by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans

Another former book club pick! Tiny Imperfections is a fantastic family story featuring strong women across generations. Our main character is also an admissions director at a fancy private school and anytime there’s a book set in an academic setting it immediately gives me fall vibes.

How to Drink Wine: The Easiest Way to Learn What You Like by Grant Reynolds and Chris Stang

If fall is for learning new things and staying cozy then we all need to crack open this book! I love the idea of learning more about wine instead of just picking the prettiest wine label in the shop.

800 Grapes

Speaking of wine, fall is the harvest season and I love this tale of a family of wine makers and all of their relationships and complications. It always makes me want to board a flight to northern California.


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