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All of the flower tools I LOVE!


I am 100% obsessed with designing centerpieces and bouquets (this post and this post are must reads!). My flower obsession became even more real after our trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show. After hearing from the FTD pros first hand, there was just no turning back! So, I did what anyone would do ““ I came back to Florida, assessed my flower tool essential situation, and realized I needed to add a few pieces to my kit so I’m always ready! I’m sharing ALL of my secrets about my FAVORITE basic flower tools below. You probably already have a few of them, but be warned, you’re about to add a few more to your cart and kit.   


Blogger Ashley Brooke shares the basic flower tools you need to have for DIY! |


1. Kitchen Scissors

These do not have to be fancy, but I do always have a pair of kitchen scissors on hand (if they’re gold, I definitely don’t hate it one bit!). They’re helpful for cutting just about anything, including tape, and I turn to them to trim more delicate stems too. 


2. Clear Elastic Hair Ties

Believe it or not, these are perfect for wrapping around a bouquet to make sure your stems stay in place. Plus, they tend to be even more stretchy (and nicer!) than a rubber band. I always find rubber bands are never where they need to be when I need one most, and I turn to hair ties time and time again. Plus, you also likely have many of these on hand!

3. Clear Floral Tape

The difference between clear floral tape and regular, everyday tape is floral tape can get (moderately) wet. This tape is great to use when you want to create a grid on a vase, like I did in this post, because it can get wet without coming unstuck. Tip: Create your grid, then wrap a piece of clear floral tape around the entire perimeter of your vase to cover the ends of the tape from the grid. This secures everything into place!


4. Oasis Floral Foam

Oasis is a game changer, friends! It’s the BEST thing to use if you want to design something a little untraditional that’s not inside a clear vase (or a vase of any kind!). Place your Oasis in water until it is completely soaked through. This normally takes 20 minutes or so (you can also soak it overnight!). Then take a peek at your vessel. Most often, your Oasis will be too big, so I use a kitchen knife to cut it down to size. Then, place it inside! Wood boxes, tea cups, and even baskets (with a plastic insert) are now completely up for grabs, and you can place your flowers however you like because the Oasis acts like glue to hold your arrangement together. 

5. Clear Glass Cylinder Vase

You can’t go wrong with a classic! I keep a clear glass vase, like this or this, with my floral essentials because the width of the vase is the same throughout. This means I don’t have to pay as much attention to the size of the arrangement I’m making (vases that become thinner toward the bottom mean you’re not going to be able to use as many flowers). I also love that you can add floral tape and create an arrangement in the vase! 


6. Ribbon 

Life motto: always buy the ribbon! Everything looks better with a bow, including tissue paper wrapped around a bouquet and a vase tied with ribbon to make it look like an extra fancy gift.


7. Tissue Paper

I love wrapping tissue paper around bouquets right before I give them to friends and family. They make something super simple feel much fancier, and they cover the stems perfectly too!


8. Garden Shears

There are fancy pairs online, but I’ve always used a pair of garden or pruning shears. I have this pair that is still sold at Home Depot, as well as another ancient pair. I’ve found these are perfect for trimming flowers with thicker stems, like roses and hydrangeas. Plus, you can easily find these shears at any hardware store!


9. Ziploc Bags

Possibly the strangest thing on the list is this one! But, these save lives. Whenever I’m making a bouquet that needs to travel, I cover the paper towel mixture mentioned below with a sandwich bag. It’s the perfect size, it locks in moisture, and it prevents your tissue paper from getting wet. 


10. Paper Towels

They’re basically a necessity for life in general, but they’re so functional when designing with flowers! Beyond simply cleaning up, I love to use a paper towel to wrap around a bouquet to keep the stems hydrated until I give the piece to my mom, sister, or BFF. Simply dampen with water, wrap around the stems, cover with a sandwich bag to lock in moisture, and add a clear elastic to keep everything in place. 

11. Watering Can

This does not need to be fancy, but I love having a watering can at the ready! Good or bad, I tend to add water to my vase at the very end. Doing this allows me to get my arrangement just right and move flowers around without getting my tape grid (or myself!) wet. However, once my design is complete, it’s so hard to place it under the sink to fill the vase with water. So, a watering can always comes to the rescue! The key is to purchase one with a thin sprout, so you can place it in the vase and not water all of the flowers too.
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If you design a centerpiece or bouquet (you have to!), make sure to tag #flowerswithABD! I CANNOT wait to see what you make!


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