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I had a reader reach out to me last week asking if I could do a round up of Spring wreaths that were “pretty and not cheesy/fake looking”, and I had to laugh. Honestly, I AGREE. It’s really hard to find faux wreathes that don’t scream plastic, so I decided to take on this challenge, because Spring wreaths that feel fresh and natural seems like worthy cause.

I love wreaths and have actually made a few myself (here & here) after not finding *exactly* what I was looking for online, so this really was a fun project. But let me just say, if you are looking for a wreath that feels upscale and will LAST, you may be looking at a higher price point. In my experience it’s always worth it since not only do they look fantastic, but they last multiple seasons. Take it from someone who has made multiple wreaths to cut costs only to come out spending over $100 in supplies, ha! So in my experience it is what it is, ha.

Although, I did find a few wreaths that looked great at a lower price point like this one and this one! So there is HOPE! But I’ve got to tell you, this one from Etsy and this daisy one from Terrain are both beautiful. Also, I have this one from Frontgate and it has lasted 3 years… but now I have my eye on this one!

Do you have a favorite place where you buy you buy wreaths? Or have you made your own?! Tell me everything.


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