19 Soft Natural & Neutral Rugs

Perfect for a nursery!

Well, I asked, and YOU delivered. Last Friday I asked over on IG stories if you had any recommendations on places I should look for natural looking rugs that would be perfect in a nursery and y’all came THROUGH.

After countless hours doing my own research only to order sample after sample that came in itchy and just, well, not cozy, I now have a list a mile long – thanks to you!

19 Soft Natural & Neutral Rugs

Annie Selke Rug

Seriously, THANK YOU! It took me a bit to compile a list, but I wanted to make sure I looked into them, and from what I can tell all of your recommendations seem to be great. Granted I haven’t stepped foot on any of these rugs yet (so proceed at your own caution, ha!), but I will be placing some sample orders this weekend.

I currently have my eye on this woven one, this checkered one, and this striped one!

Hopefully this post will be a great resource for you as much as it is for me. Thank you again for being the best community. You never cease to amazing me with your eagerness to help!

Recommended Places to Shop for Rugs:

Annie Selke

Dash & Albert

Rugs Direct

Crate & Barrel Kids

Pottery Barn Kids

West Elm


Boutique Rugs

P.S. I will be updating you soon with our Nursery design and inspiration! This is helping me put together those last few missing pieces.


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  1. I am so glad you said this because it’s one of my favorite things about rugs. They can be used in any room and for whatever occasion – from adding color to an overall neutral tone, or as softly added interest on top of hardwood floors when paired with artful walls!

  2. Just a heads up on that Chris Loves Julia Polly rug. We own it in a different color and it sheds like crazy. We’ve only had it two months so I’m hoping this won’t last forever. I’ve had wool rugs before that didn’t shed, so maybe it’s the wool-jute combo? Thankfully we don’t have allergies, but I’m vacuuming a lot more than I would like and as a new mom you won’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

    I know whatever you choose will be beautiful!

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