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Ryan is back with another one of his famous gift guides this year, and to be honest with you his gift guide always out performs my gift guides! It’s almost comical. Truly he is a great gift giver and really gets excited about writing this guide every year, so I’m thrilled that y’all love it just as much as I do!

Hopefully this guide will help you knock out all the guys on your list this year! Enjoy! xx – A

Ryan here…

Below are a handful of gifts for this year’s guide for guys. Most of them I own, and a few I don’t but have on my own wishlist. In a way, this list is really reflective of the year we’ve had – From the home coffee setup to the home office – but still make for some great gifts.

And for more inspiration, feel free to browse gift guides of earlier years.

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Best slippers for men 2020

LL Bean Wicked Good Moccasins

This year I really leaned into comfy, casual, and cozy attire. These sheepskin slippers are the best I’ve ever owned. The level of comfort is out of this world!

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ABC Joggers

Keeping with the comfy-casual theme, a pair of joggers should be in every guy’s wardrobe. These are great to wear around town, the house, or even to the gym. They’re not quite as slouchy as sweatpants, but just as comfortable.

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ABC joggers for men - 2020 Gift Guide

Leatherman Multi-tool Knife

As a guy who always likes to be prepared for everything, I absolutely love the Leatherman multitool. These are great for camping and hiking, but In my opinion, each car you own should have one of these stowed away for the next road trip, just in case. They’re absolutely indispensable.

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Chemical Guys Car Cleaning Set

I started buying and using this brand a couple of years ago. Chemical Guys make the best car cleaning products out there and have some awesome online videos to show you how to use them all. It actually makes having a clean car cool and fun in a way that the random car cleaning brands do not. Lot’s of “kits” to choose from with a range of prices from under $15 to under $100.

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Men's skincare - 2020 Gift Guide

Kiehl’s Facial Cleanser and Face Cream

Whenever someone asks me what are the best men’s skincare products, I always start with these two. Kiehl’s Facial Cleanser and the Face Cream. They’re low barrier to entry ways to start taking care of your skin without a tedious routine.

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Filson Drydon Briefcase

I bought this last year in Navy, and it has been the perfect computer, all around messenger bag. It’s great for work and everything in between. It has a sophisticated, yet rugged look – both professional and trendy. Highly recommend!

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Filson Dryden Briefcase - 2020 Gift Guide
theragun mini - 2020 men's gift guide

Theragun Mini

So, I don’t actually own one of these, but I have heard rave reviews about Theraguns from friends. And, with all the manual labor from the kitchen renovation this year, I could really put this thing to work!

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Todd Snyder x Champion Original Sweatshirt

Todd Snyder is probably be best men’s clothing destination out there currently and I have absolutely loved their Champion collaboration. I own half a dozen of their T-shirts and a couple of these sweaters. Absolutely worth the investment – the quality will last for years.

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Todd Snyder x Champion - 2020 Gifts for Men
Mochamaster Coffee Maker - 2020 Men's Gift Guide

Mochamaster KBG Coffee Brewer

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that good coffee is absolutely necessary to get us out of bed in the mornings! Ashley and I bought a Mochamaster several years ago and never looked back. The best coffee maker on the market, hands down. Plus, here at a price that not even Amazon can beat!

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Burr Grinder

Good coffee usually entails fresh coffee, which truly entails freshly ground beans. For the price, this is the best grinder out there and will really change the whole coffee experience – especially when combined with the Mochamaster.

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Coffee Bean Burr Grinder - 2020 Men's Gift Guide
Coffee Scale - 2020 Men's Gift Guide

Coffee Grind Measuring Scale

This is one item I do not own, but it’s on my wishlist this year. This is a must for a coffee connoisseur and basically helps you use the perfect amount of coffee in each pot, or cup, depending on how to brew it. With the burr grinder, it really completes the coffee bar.

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Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Scotch

If 2020 has taught us a second thing (first thing above is coffee), it’s that a good drink is non negotiable! A birthday gift from a good friend this year, I have to say, the Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Scotch is an approachable and tasty selection. Actually, I am drinking it right now!

If he’s more of a bourbon drinker, try Old Forrester Statesman or Jefferson’s Reserve Pritchard’s Hill Cab Cask Barrel Select.

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Balvenie Scotch - 2020 Men's Gift Guide
Glencairn Whisky Sniffer - 2020 Men's Gift Guide

Glencairn Whisky Sniffers

The best way to enjoy whisky neat, hand’s down. These were also a gift this year and I am surprised at how much they elevate the drinking experience of Scotch of Bourbon.

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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries

Indispensable for Old Fashioned’s, Manhattan’s, and a myriad of other bourbon or rye whisky drinks. The perfect addition to any bar!

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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries - 2020 Men's Gift Guide
Corkcicle Invisiball - 2020 Men's Gift Guide

Corkcicle Invisiball Ice Kit

If you’re going to drink great whisky or attempt the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail, you have to invest in the right kind of spherical ice cubes. These have less surface area than regular ice cubes and keep your drink cool without melting too quickly and diluting the drink. It’s worth picking up a couple of these to have in the freezer.

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Satechi Laptop Stand + Keyboard & Mouse Combo

I really do not enjoy working from my laptop. I have a Surface Pro and a MacBook Pro, and for whatever reason – probably the ergonomics, I just am not comfortable when working on them. This stand is awesome. Perfectly portable and extremely sturdy, it’s great for working on the go. I will usually pack a keyboard and mouse and it turns any space into an awesome workstation. And the neat thing about the keyboard and mouse is that I can toggle them instantly between my Mac and PC!

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Laptop Stand - 2020 Men's Gift Guide
LED Desk Lamp - 2020 Men's Gift Guide

LED Desk Lamp

I bought this lamp about a year ago, before the work-from-home trend, and I have loved having it at my desk. It is minimalist on space, puts out a lot of light, and fully adjustable for light temperature as well has brightness. A great gift.

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Oblio Wireless Charged & UV Cleaner

The usefulness of this device is obvious, and I actually like the look of this one compared to others out there. Hygiene and sanitation is really trending this year, and this makes a great addition to any desk!

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UV Phone cleaner - 2020 Men's Gift Guide
Leather Desk Pad - 2020 Men's Gift Guide

Desk Pad

Desk pads add extra style and comfort to any workspace. There are a million to choose from on Amazon and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them!

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  1. Found a great idea for my father-in-law! We have been searching for the right gift for weeks and this finally started the right one. Thank you!!

  2. Ryan, you have discerning taste. I want the burr coffee grinder and LED light myself! They are going on my Christmas list. I agree with Jennifer above, this is the best men’s gift guide I have seen. I’d love to get my son the sweatshirt on your list. I am not sure if he would take care of it at that price but I am sure it would look great on.

  3. I’ve looked at ALL the “Gift Guides for Men”. This was the best one by far! I already purchased two items from the guide for my husband of 33 years. Thank you!

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