What Worked, What Didn’t, and What Can We Change?

I don’t know about you, but when January 1st rolled around I wasn’t *quite* ready to review and goal set. Typically I need a few weeks into the New Year to really get things rolling goal-wise. After the chaos of the holidays I always need a bit of a brain break, but I’m really excited to jump into dreaming for the future.

Every year Ryan and I set a day/weekend aside to review the past year and plan for the upcoming one. It’s a January tradition we’ve done since we got married and it is so much fun to do each year. It’s fun to see just how far we’ve come. Also, we always get a really good chuckle out of seeing all the things we “wanted” to do and didn’t do. Like 2020, for example, we really wanted to take another trip overseas and spend a week in California… ha! But also all the things we did do, like renovate our kitchen, spend more time with family, so you know… there’s some give and take. Either way, it is always one of our favorite weekends of the year.

One of the most important parts of this exercise is evaluating what worked really well and what DIDN’T. We evaluate this for our home life, work life, and personal life… and you’d be so surprised how a conversation like this can change the trajectory of the year ahead. This has been such a game changer for us.

So below I attached a pretty 2021 Printable Planner (PDF version here: Review & Dream sheet),feel free to expand this throughout all areas of your life, or keep it simple.

2021 Printable Planner

2021 Printable Planner

I hope you enjoy, and happy dreaming and planning!

P.S. Also, I have a really great printable for your daily planning that includes time blocking… honestly, I love using it! Here’s a link to the blog post!


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  1. Do each of you complete the planner and then discuss together, or do you combine your thoughts and complete one planner together?

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