2022 Gift Guide: Babies, Toddlers, & Big Kids

This is so fun!

I have been SO looking forward to this post, this season, and buying these gifts this year! AH! Our first year with a BABY under our roof. I can’t believe it! I’ve already got Laurens’ stocking and pajamas prepped and ready, and I just cannot wait to fill it! But in all honesty, kids are so much fun to buy for. From babies to big kids, seeing them with new toys and gadgets on Christmas morning is just the best.

play kitchen // bracelets // play tower (sold out, similar here) // swing // camera // baby booties // American Girl doll // scooter // chess book // wagon // bunny // surprise soap // raincoat // truck jacket // books of kindness // dinosaur // trucks

Instead of breaking this post down into three different posts, I though it would be nice to just have it ALL in one location! So if you are shopping for multiple ages, you can find inspiration here instead of jumping around. Above are just a few items from each category, but below there are OPTIONS.

Hopeful this is helpful, because I need to be honest… it was really fun to put together!

P.S. Find all of our gift guides so far here! So many goodies!

A Few Favorites From The Babies List:

These are such a classic and timeless gift. And every baby needs this!

This book makes me teary just thinking about reading it together with Laurens.

Love these stroller cards for our long walks. And this is one of the best purchases we’ve made for Laurens this year!

And I highly recommend this baby play mat and when baby is a bit bigger, this activity center. Laurens has loved both!

I mean… shouldn’t we give every baby a sloth stuffie?! And love this for a sweet new baby gift.

This reindeer sleeper! Too cute!

A Few Favorites From The Toddlers List

This is perfect for the Christmas season.

You know how much we love space around here! This space toddler busy board is amazing, these rockets are so good for pretend play (and this one!), and these beginner’s puzzles look really good, too. Oh, and I can’t get over that this is chalk… planets!

Pull toys are just so fun! Love this one and this farm one, too.

Love this for playing pretend. And this, this, and this (for the holidays!)!

I can’t wait until Laurens can scoot around on this!

I feel like every toddler needs a train set, yes?! And this mini piano is lovely and so fun.

A Few Favorites From The Big Kids List

The possibilities are endless with this!

How fun would a personalized sleeping bag be? (And love the dino version!)

Love a good classic game.

I keep hearing kids of all ages love these. (And this space version is so cool!)

And Samantha is an absolute little girl classic.


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