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I’m going to be totally real with you, we have COMPLETELY stepped up our social media game as of recently, I’m not kidding. Our pins are legit on POINT, I mean, come’on this is good stuff (and THIS!), and not to mention my Snapchat obsession! Also, I like really, really REALLY love Instagram. It makes my little heart so happy to share behind the scenes photos and lets be honest, photos of Lucy in all of her sassy glory. Also, I have totally fallen back in love with Twitter… who knew so much magic could happen in 144 characters. 

Anyways, it’s Friday and face it, we are all just hanging out on social media anyways, so come on over and hang out with us… it’s ALWAYS a party! 


ABDesigns on Twitter


ABDesigns on Pinterest!


ABDesigns on Snapchat (screenshot this page and add us!)!


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