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The Studio Coffee Bar

(Featuring Mandy from Waiting On Martha!)

Friends, I am so excited to show you to another feature in our new series called “My ABD“ today. As you know, we are interviewing a few of our favorite gal pals to see how they are using their ABD! And today we have Mandy from Waiting On Martha! I’m so excited to have Mandy on the blog today because not only is she a really great friend of mine, but she is CRAZY STUPID TALENTED! Seriously. She blows Martha Stewart out of the water! Her styling skills are unlike anything you’ve ever seen and to top it off, she’s a wiz in the kitchen! I love this girl, and am thrilled to have her taking over ABD today! 


Ashley Brooke Designs - Coffee Bar 2


I recently set out to create a chic, yet functional beverage station in the new Waiting on Martha team office. We needed a space to fuel up on coffee ourselves, but we also needed a space pretty enough to see visiting clients and guests. So I thought, who better to do it with than Ashley Brooke?! Her fun, vibrant take on getting work done (with plenty of coffee, of course) proves she’s a girl after our own hearts at WOM. 

I’m smitten with all things white and gold, so I stocked up on all of the Ashley Brooke Designs coffee mugs that would make the team smile. “Like a Boss“, “Busy Busy Busy“, “Hello Sunshine!” and “All The Feels” (<— ON SALE!) would not only give the team some Instagram-worthy coffee shots, the collection of mugs would work great whenever we hosted clients and guests during meetings in the office too.  And for the record, you can never have too many notepads and notebooks in an office.  I scooped up several “Brilliant Ideas” and “Happy Thoughts“; notepads to have on-hand for whenever creativity strikes for the team (which is usually during our coffee breaks, let’s be real!). 

Lastly, I stocked several “I Like the Way You Work It” water bottles for the team…we’re always trying to hydrate more! A big thanks to Ashley Brooke for helping bring our beverage station dreams to life in the new Waiting on Martha office.  The result is just what I wanted; a bright, positive and welcoming space down to every last detail!  

Truly, MKR 

P.S. I thought it would be fun to share a few of what I consider to be essentials

when creating a beverage station (whether at the office or at home)! You’ll need:

– a French press coffee maker

– organic coffee grounds (plenty of them!)

– Ashley Brooke Designs mugs

– sugar cubes

– stir sticks


Ashley Brooke Designs - Coffee Bar 5


Ashley Brooke Designs - Coffee Bar 6


Ashley Brooke Designs - Coffee Bar 9


Ashley Brooke Designs - Coffee Bar 7


Ashley Brooke Designs - Coffee Bar 3


Mandy Headshot

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P.S. Is not just so adorable?!

Photography by: Rustic White


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