Seriously, though.

I know that I have done a few social media posts about our new boxes, but I wanted to formally introduce them to you here! 

I can not tell you how excited we are about our new F-A-N-C-Y packaging. We’ve been working on these pretty little things for well over a year, and I’ve had to keep them a secret… and let me tell you, that was not easy. Not spilling all the details on the hot pink, gold foil, polka-dotted magic that we were creating was making me crazy! I am over-the-moon that they are finally here. 

One of the many great things about these boxes, besides the obvious pretty factor, is that they make the perfect gift box! Over 35% of our online orders are gifts (which is AMAZING!) that you guys are sending to each other, so we wanted to make sure that each little present you send gets the extra attention it needs! Plus, trust me, I’ve tried to wrap a coffee mug every-which-way-possible and it just never looks cute! Now, with the boxes, everything is ready to gift!


Water bottle box


All of ABD drinkware will now come in a pretty little box, and when you hop on over to the online shop you will see! Each product has a photo of the box that is will be arriving in, that way you can see it up close and personal. Also, I just kind of love that every product has it own little image of its own little box. It kind of makes my heart want to explode! 



Ashley Brooke Designs - Box Detail


Okay, so now that you’ve been formally introduced, it’s time to become friends!

Happy shopping!


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