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I love a well wrapped gift, maybe even more than the gift itself. There’s something just so lovely about impeccable wrapping paper and a big bow, don’t you think?!

A girlfriend of mine always says, “you can make a $5 gift look like a $75 gift if it’s got a good bow.” And similarly my mom always says, “all you need is an iron to look put together.”

…and they are both right… because honestly, presentation is everything!

When it comes to wrapping gifts I like to make a whole “thing” out of it! Popcorn, hot cocoa, Christmas movies, and holiday pajamas. Why not turn it into a craft night instead of it feeling like a holiday chore no one wants to do?! And truthfully, I look forward to it every year. I hoard my gifts in our spare bedroom and wait till I have enough to make an actual event out of it, and then I go for it.

But when it comes to the actual wrapping I like to get creative! My Aunt Maggie (Mrs. Claus, as we refer to her in our family 😉 ) has started a tradition of wrapping our gifts each year and topping them with an ornament! It adds such a fun and thoughtful sparkle under the tree… and we all get excited to see what ornament made her think of us that year. So this year, I thought I’d do the same with some of my favorite wrapping paper from DaySpring!

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3 Fun & Festive Gift Wrapping Tips

This year DaySpring launched a beautiful line of wrapping paper and there is literally something for everyone. From this adorable kids paper to the beautiful gold star paper! Plus, I have to say, the paper is really great quality too. Which if you are a paper snob like me, then you know… that’s important! Below are three easy tips that will really jazz up your gift giving this year.

Ashley Brooke shows how you wrap a gift
Ashley Brooke shows how to wrap a gift

1. Efficient Wrapping

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes me feel like the “ribbon curl” lady at a department store gift-wrap counter than a seamlessly wrapped gift! The keys to a well wrapped gift are measuring, no “extra” paper, and good tape. Always buy the transparent Scotch tape… trust me!

2. Double up the ribbon

This is a new thing I’ve been doing lately, but I LOVE the way it looks! If you are looking to add a little luxury to a gift and really give it dimension, then doubling the ribbon is the best way to do so!

Gift wrapping tips from Ashley Brooke
Ashley Brooke - how to tie a gift bow

3. Add some pizzaz!

Finding cute little ornaments that not only reflect the person’s personality, but also match the gift is something that “sparks joy” for me! I love doing this! Last year I gifted my bff a book related gift and topped off her gift with a stack of book ornaments.

I found these at the craft store for 50% off! I just brought in a photo of the wrapping paper and made sure I found coordinating ornaments… that were also super cute!

Hopefully these tips are helpful and make gift wrapping this season feel like a fun holiday craft project and less like a chore. Also, don’t forget to check out DaySpring’s collection of wrapping paper this season and happy wrapping, friends!

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  1. Beautiful packages Ashley and great idea about attaching a special ornament. I love that! I completely agree with your friend and your mom. Presentation is everything! I love how you make a fun evening out of wrapping gifts! My husband loves wrapping gifts and I’ll admit that his packages look prettier than mine. He lived in Japan until he was 18 and presentation and details are just part of his Japanese upbringing. Your pjs are so cute and festive. I’m curious if you have a good source for your ribbons? I love all that you’ve used. Thank you Ashley and Happy Weekend!

  2. You’ve inspired me! I tend to get overwhelmed with the volume of gifts to wrap and sometimes just want to finish, despite really wanting to savor the experience and make my gift wrapping special. I really like the double ribbon idea and may give that a whirl this year, along with the transparent Scotch tape. And Dayspring has Christmas wrapping paper with my favorite Bible verse?!! Now you’ve really got me excited. Thank you!

    P.S. Love the holiday pj’s and the Christmas tree!

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