Blogger Ashley Brooke's 3 Favorites Mascaras |


Long Lashes Are Everything


Mascara is my favorite beauty product hands down. I have blonde eye lashes so I am very serious when it comes to mascara. It can’t be clumpy, flakey, or smudgy. It has to stay on all day (and in the humidity) and make my lashes look EXTRA long and extra dark. Mascara was the very first beauty product my mom let me wear, and I’ve been wearing it religiously ever since. Over the years, I’ve tried literally all the brands, but these three below are my most used and repurchased tubes of mascara of all time. 


Blogger Ashley Brooke's 3 Favorites Mascaras |


L’Oreal Volumous Mascara – $7.99 

This actually was my very first tube of mascara ever, and I’ve got to tell you, it’s AMAZING. I love that it truly does volumnize your lashes. It thickens them and leaves them soft, never clumpy. Also, it’s one of those mascaras that lets you really see each and every individual lash. It’s not only volumnizing, but it is also natural. I tend to use this mascara on non humid days since it does tend to smudge a bit on the tops of my eyelids, but for the most part I use it as a primer to my other mascaras to really give my eyelashes a boost!

Buy it here!


Blogger Ashley Brooke's 3 Favorites Mascaras |


Julep Length Matters – $20.00

I discovered this mascara about a year ago, and I am obsessed with it. Honestly, it’s smudge proof. Not only does it lengthen, but it also doesn’t smudge on the tops of your eyelids. It’s magical. I tend to layer it on top of the L’Oreal mascara for extra drama. 

Also, I’ve recommended this mascara to pretty much all of my girlfriends, and they are equally as obsessed. It’s not just me!

 Buy it here!


Blogger Ashley Brooke's 3 Favorites Mascaras |


Lanc̫me Grandiose Р$32.00

Okay, so this one is the trifecta. It give volume, lengthens, and separates. It’s amazing, and if you are wanting to splurge, buy this one. I realize that $32.00 may seem a little nuts for a mascara, but I pinky promise you will thank me later. Honestly, I used to wear false eyelashes for photos shoots and never do anymore thanks to this miracle mascara! 

Buy it here! 

Okay, now that I’ve spilled all of my mascara secrets, I’m dying to know yours! Are you using any that I didn’t mention? I’m always up to try out a new tube of mascara, so don’t be shy! Tell me your faves!  



Ashley Brooke is a L’Oreal League Ambassador; however, this post was not sponsored.



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  1. I’m obsessed with the L’oreal Voluminous Feline mascara! It’s perfect for volume, length and gives you zero clumps. I tend to get extremely bored with most drugstore mascaras and I have re-bought this one three times.

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