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Let’s Throw a Shower!

I am no stranger to hosting showers.  Actually, I might even be called a professional “Bridal Shower Thrower” by this point in my life.  It’s like 27 Dresses, except with showers.  I’m not complaining, I actually love it! I’ve been hosting or helping host showers for as long as I could remember. My mom threw showers often while my sister and I were growing up, which meant we were in charge of ironing the napkins, setting up the crystal punch bowls, dusting the lemon bars with powdered sugar, and refilling guests’ glasses of sweet tea. It’s been a thing we’ve done together for years and years! To this day, my mom, sister and I still like to help each other host and throw the ultimate showers for our girlfriends and family. 


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Tips For Hosting Bridal & Baby Showers |
Tips For Hosting Bridal & Baby Showers |


So over the last dozen showers or so I’ve picked up a trick or two that will hopefully help you navigate your shower season this year. Whether you are hosting your first shower or this is old hat to you, my fingers are crossed these tips will help you make it through shower season in one perfectly coiffed piece!

 Tips For Hosting Bridal & Baby Showers |


Three Tips:

1.Get the gift you know they’ll love!

I am a sucker for buying the pretty (Instagrammable!), impractical gift.  Yet recently I’ve been gravitating towards the more pragmatic ones. They always end up being the bride’s favorite at the end anyway! So if there’s a practical gift on a registry, and it’s an item that I already own and use often, then I have been really leaning towards purchasing that it, like a Dyson

We own a Dyson vacuum cleaner and we love it, actually, we adore it and use it more often than I’d like to admit. So I’ve been retraining myself to look for gifts that I know the receiver finds useful from their registry. Plus, if you are picking up a handheld Dyson like this one for a new bride, just imagine how often she will think of you because If she’s anything like me, it will be often, ha! Also, this handheld V7 Dyson is kind of the perfect vacuum! It’s an AWESOME price point at under $200, cordless (yay!!) and small enough for a linen closet, which in my house is a major plus! I don’t think there’s a more perfect shower gift.

Another great thing about scooping up a gift like this is that you can “go-in” together with a few other guests on the gift to ensure that the bride gets everything she needs! There is nothing better than a group gift! Plus with Macy’s registry, it’s great to be able to combine a few things together into one BIG gift!


Tips For Hosting Bridal & Baby Showers |


2. Keep The Menu Simple

We’ve done brunch, dinners, dessert only, lite bights, tea parties… You name it, we’ve tried it! But my favorite is either dessert or brunch. Both menus are relatively simple and sweet.

I often do a dessert shower if the bride has multiple showers planned, that way it’s a little more lowkey with just a few girlfriends! When I do, I’ll typically land on something like an ombre cake or cupcakes. I also like to make sure that there are some very easy, healthy options.  A bit of protein, like hummus and veggies, mixed nuts, and crackers… because no one likes a head full of sugar! 

But the menu I choose most often is brunch. I’ve got it down to a science now and I can probably throw that shower in my sleep!  I make egg muffins, broil sheet pans of bacon, have a greek yogurt parfait bar, bowls of fruit, scones, and donuts… oh, and mimosas and coffee! It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not too bad, especially when I have a day or two to prep. 

The great thing about each of these is that there are homemade dishes and store-bought dishes.  For instance, for the brunch, I make the mini quiches and scones from scratch, but buy the greek yogurt and fruit! Figure out what works for you and your schedule and create a menu around that.


Tips For Hosting Bridal & Baby Showers |


3. Fresh Flowers, a Table Cloth  & Balloons

Yep! That’s all you need.. And, actually, you can take or leave the balloons if you ask me! They are definitely a nice touch, but I you’d be surprised how far a pretty tablecloth like this one and a few fresh flower arrangements go. My great-grandmother would always have a few wild daisies on top of her tablecloth in her dining room. No matter if we were just playing cards or eating off her wedding china. She made it feel fancy! 

Don’t get overwhelmed with the decor. For me, I like the party decor to feel like an extension of my home, with similar tones and colors. Do what’s best for you and what feels the most comfortable and organic to your style. 


Tips For Hosting Bridal & Baby Showers |


I hope these three tips help you this season as you plan to celebrate those exciting life events with those you love!


Tips For Hosting Bridal & Baby Showers |
Tips For Hosting Bridal & Baby Showers |



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Outfit Details:
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  1. I love your blog posts, they’re always so fun! Have you thought about writing a book about parties and lifestyle?? I bet you could do an awesome book. I’d buy it!

    • Agreed! As soon as I saw that tablecloth I knew I had to have it!! Also, YES!! Dyson is the best, totally agree!

    • Oh how fun!!! It’s just the best time… I loved that season, now we are fully into the baby showers! It’s funny how that works! ha!

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