Dolly's Cheerleading Costume - Pet Costume | h
Dolly's Cheerleading Costume - Pet Costume |

It’s All Too Much! 

First, let me just preface this post with a disclaimer – I know that I am nuts and I agree with you! But just amuse me and my crazy lady tendencies…

J.Crew Denim & Tennis Shoes (on mega sale!) // Adidas Top // Dolly’s Cheerleading Costume 

*Check out this post for our outdoor furniture details.

From the first moment we brought Dolly home I started thinking about her Halloween costume. Growing up, I was never into Halloween the way most kids are and it wasn’t until we moved into our neighborhood that I caught the Halloween bug.

One of the first things our new neighbors told us when we moved in was, “we’re crazy about Halloween and Christmas around here, so get prepared.” I thought they were kidding! My first Halloween I was SIGNIFICANTLY under prepared and didn’t have a fraction of the amount of candy I needed. I ran out in the first 30 minutes! Lesson learned

Ever since then, Halloween has been a big deal. I make a pot of chili and we sit on the front porch with pumpkin beer, handing out candy until all the little ones have worn themselves out. Here’s a photo from last year and a few years before with little Lucy

Dolly's Cheerleading Costume - Pet Costume | 2 h
Dolly's Cheerleading Costume - Pet Costume |

This Little Cheerleader’s First Halloween

This year I wanted to do something fun because we now have Dolly to sit with us on our front porch. While I was doing little online shopping for her costume I came across a slew of cute costumes I just HAD to share. I ended up buying two because I have zero self-control.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized I, too, needed something to match. Have you read the book When You Give A Mouse a Cookie?! Well, that is the story of my life. ha! 

When her costume(s) came in I knew I had made the right decision. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE SEEN SOMETHING SO CUTE. Of course she loathes the pom-poms, but I buy her organic dog food, so she has to wear them. This was without a doubt the best $16 I have ever spent. 

So if you are nuts-o like me and just dying to match your dog this Halloween, I have 4 themes just for you. Everything is under $40 and can still be ordered and received in time for the big day! I hope you enjoy!



As low as $10 and they all have a 2-day shipping option!

The CheerLeader

Pink Athleisure – $35

Go ahead and just “add to cart”. You will live in this shirt! Trust me, it’s now in solid rotation. 

Shop Here

Cheer Costume – $16

I can not with this costume. I legitimately don’t think I’ve ever seen anything cuter. 

Shop Here

The Ladybug

Polka Dot Jumpsuit – $32

Okay, I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit. This would be cute all year round! 

Shop Here

Ladybug Costume – $24

Confession, I bought this Ladybug costume too. I couldn’t help it, ladybugs are my fave!

Shop Here

The hula girl

Hawaiian Romper – $36

Who doesn’t love a good festive frock?! Save this romper for your next sunny holiday! 

Shop Here

Hula Girl Costume – $10

I can’t get over this costume. I came so close to buying it for Dolly this year! eeek so cute!

Shop Here

The ice cream cone

Striped Ruffle Dress – $24

Such a fun and flirty party dress! Love the bold stripes. It looks like it would give a good twirl!

Shop Here

Ice Cream Cone Costume – $13

How funny is this one?! It’s so sweet! Tell me again, how many dog costumes is too many?!

Shop Here

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  1. oh my gosh!!!! how cute are these costumes!!!! I remember my daughter’s pit bull, that she dress up as a pumpkin every year. And yes, he went with them trick or treating! He would get so excited when he saw his costume the next year because he was all set to go! I’m still waiting for my granddaughter to decide what she is going to be. She’s only changed her mind at least 5 times, so I know her and I will be hitting the stores this weekend until she finds just the right costume! And I hope you also gave Dolly an extra organic “treat” for having to dress us! 🙂

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