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One of my very favorite parts of my job is finding the good stuff on the internet and sharing it here with you! So today I’m doing just that. I’ve rounded up five brands that I think you will absolutely adore (if you haven’t already heard about them)! All beautifully designed and curated… just how we want our homes (and closets!) to be.

I hope you enjoy!

Estelle blown glass colored cake plate
Estelle blown glass colored wine glasses
winwine glass

Estelle is a luxury hand-blown glass company in Charleston, SC that I have completely and utterly fallen in love with. As soon as we pick a paint color for our kitchen cabinets I will be ordering something ASAP. I just can’t get enough of the candy colored glass. SO. PRETTY.

Fanm Mon pink rose dress
Fanm Mon green linen jumpsuit
Fanm Mon

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING has made me want to go on vacation more than these Fanm Mon dresses. This mint jumpsuit is giving me ALLLLLL the vibes. I mean, I’m drooling, it’s linen embroidered perfection. I want everything.

Greer green journal
Greer ballpoint pens

Greer is a Chicago based stationery + desk accessory store and online shop that has me completely wanting to redo my entire desk. If there is one thing I’m a sucker for its a fancy new ballpoint pen and journal.

Madame de la Maison

Madame de la Maison is a favorite of mine, as you know! I met Ajiri last November and we became fast friends over our love for vintage china! Her online shop is PURE HEAVEN. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, pour yourself a cup of tea and head on over, you’re in for a treat.

Now its your turnare you crushing on any brands lately that I need to know about!?

P.S. All of these brands are Black owned, and are absolutely beautiful. #BlackOutDay2020 #BuyBlack


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