Ashley Brooke's Favorite Fall Candles |

The Scent of Fall

Fall is my favorite season. I think it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite. The excitement of the holidays just around the corner and pulling out your favorite Fall sweaters to insulate from that crisp air… there’s just nothing better.

Since we live in Florida where Fall isn’t quite as magical as it is up North, we overcompensate by turning the A/C down real low, making chili, and of course lighting our favorite Fall candles. Because if we can’t have crisp leaves outside then, gosh darn it, we will MAKE it feel like Fall inside.

Honestly, I thought I was alone in this indoor Fall business, but a few weeks ago when I asked you what your favorite Fall candles were on Instagram stories, so many of you freaked out! In minutes my entire DM inbox was filled with your suggestions! I love how passionate you too are about Fall so I thought I’d try a bunch of your recommendations out and share few of my favorites with you here!


Ashley Brooke's Favorite Fall Candles |
Ashley Brooke's Favorite Fall Candles |


So before we get started, let me just say:

1. Thank you for your amazing suggestions, you guys are THE best!

2. I am suuuuper sensitive to scents and can’t do anything too sweet/strong or I’ll get an instant headache, so these below are ones I’ve found that work! and

3. All of these candles are from my favorite store, Candlefish. If you haven’t been, you MUST go the next time you are either in Charleston or Atlanta!


Ashley Brooke's Favorite Fall Candles |


Roam: New York

Roam by 42 Pressed is one of my very favorite candle brands. I have yet to find a Roam candle that I didn’t like. Our house staple is the Charleston scent – I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased that candle. But when I heard that the New York candle had a more “Fall vibe” I was all in.  

Notes: I’d highly recommend this one if you are into Fall scents but you aren’t into Pumpkin Spice Everything.



Ashley Brooke's Favorite Fall Candles |


Candlefish Library: No. 70

If you have never tried the Candlefish Library candles you absolutely must. They make all of their candles in-house and they smell like heaven. None of them are overly scented or aggressive.  They are pretty perfect. Plus they have so many scents that you are bound to find one that you’ll love. Number 70 is one of those scents that is what I like to call the “gateway into Fall.” It’s not super over the top with the classic Fall notes, but it does have rosewood which gives it a really nice cozy depth! 

Notes: If you are wanting something festive, but not overly “Fall” this candle is for you!


Ashley Brooke's Favorite Fall Candles |


Julep: Bourbon & Bluegrass 

Julep is a new-to-me brand and one that I have now fallen in love with. Not only is there packaging adorable but their scents are amazing! This Julep Bourbon & Bluegrass candle is definitely creeping up to the top of my Fall candle favorite list. The scent reminds me of being outside at my family’s cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia first thing in the morning. Crisp air, dewy grass, fog… if you’re into those things then this candle is for you!

Notes: Honestly, this may be my new go-to Fall hostess gift. It’s pretty, practical, and special!


Ashley Brooke's Favorite Fall Candles |


Candlefish Library: No. 46

Number 46 is the quintessential Fall candle in my mind. It has all the scents you dream about when you think Fall, pumpkin, and nutmeg. This candle is hands down my favorite Fall candle. It’s not too pumpkin-y, too spicy, or too sweet. It’s juuuust right. 

Notes: If you like the scent of pumpkin pies baking, this is your candle!


Ashley Brooke's Favorite Fall Candles |


So that’s it! My top four favorite Fall candles, hopefully, one (or all) of them will become your favorite scent for this season as well!

Also, I know quite a few of you have already told me your go-to Fall scents over on Instagram stories, but I’d love for you to comment below with your go-to’s… It’s always good to have a running list of important things like this!

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