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OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! Today is the day our brand new REDESIGNED travel mugs are here! We have spent the past 6 months perfecting these pretty little things, and I could not be ANY MORE excited. I think I speak for the entire ABD team when I say we are OBSESSED. If you have one of our “vintage” travel mugs and love it, you will freak out when you get your hands on one of these.

Not only do our redesigned travel mugs keep things hotter, but they’re also prettier, sturdier,  and BIGGER. One (or all!) of our travel mugs is the best thing you’ll have in your kitchen…well, besides avocados, wine, chocolate, and popcorn. Other than that, hands down, this will be your most used item.

Our travel mugs have notoriously been our best sellers, and we’ve been holding these designs until they really were perfect. Our online shop has been without travel mugs for 365 days, and the day of ABD travel mugs is finally H-E-R-E. Again, OMG. 



Every Day I’m Hustlin’ – Gold Foil Travel Mug



There are so many things for me to tell you about these mugs, but let me just start by saying two words: GOLD FOIL. Yes, real live gold foil. Not only do we have travel mugs with fun gold foil writing on them, be we now also have travel mugs with gold foil lids. Also, did I mention that all of our lids match? Feel free to buy all four travel mugs and swap the lids! We are all about mixing and matching over here! 


Palm Leaf – Gold Foil Travel Mug



Another ULTRA exciting thing about these travel mugs is the price. They are now just $20!!! I honestly can’t believe it myself. I told you, we’ve been working hard on these. Also, if you didn’t know already, I hand draw and illustrate all of the patterns and lettering, so really… let’s just call it for what it is…these are a piece of art work. Ha! 



Now Watch Me Sip – Gold Foil Travel Mug



Now, let’s just talk about this adorable and extra sassy travel mug. This one may be one of my favorites. Personally, I think it’s hilarious, and so much fun. Also, can you just imagine your morning commute with this travel mug?! I mean, honestly, getting stuck in traffic never looked so good!!

Lip  – Gold Foil Travel Mug



How fun is this pattern?! I love it so much. I actually drew it late one night when I couldn’t sleep, seriously, and ever since then I have fallen in love with it. I’m even obsessed with the matching phone case. How adorable would this one be with a big pink bow as a gift to your bestie? You know she’s going to love it! 

So ALL of that to say, we are so excited, we hope you are excited, and happy ABD travel mug day!! YAY!!

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