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Let’s Get Creative

If there is one thing Ryan and I are no stranger to it’s at home date nights! It has honestly been one of those things we’ve always done, because quite frankly they are inexpensive and take more thought/planning, which means by extension they are extra special! We’ve leaned on the at home date nights in sickness and in health and they’ve never steered us wrong.

But, I will say that there are THREE unofficial rules to making at home date nights work that we have found are absolutely key to success:

#1. Commit. It’s date night, not an “alternative” to going out, it’s plan A. So if that means sunset bike ride, make it special – bring a bottle of wine, find a park, make memories.

#2. Get ready! This is date night people!! Put on that dress you bought and have been dying to wear. Try out a new hair tutorial. WEAR THE RED LIPSTICK. Trust me. 😉

#3. Put your phone away. Sure, snap a few cute “date night” selfies. But just as if you were in an actual movie theater or our to dinner… focusing on your loved one is crucial. If not, it will quickly feel like just another night. And ladies, we are aiming for special!

So I thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite ways shake things up…

5 At Home Date Night Ideas

Sunset Bike Ride – This has always been our ride or die (no pun intended!). I have a little basket on my bike so I’ll toss a blanket and a bottle of wine in there and we’ll bike to a little park or grassy area and just watch the sunset. It’s by far our favorite go-to date. It gets you out of the house, and wine at sunset just feeeeeels special. Some of our favorite nights ever have been doing this.

Backyard Wine and Cheese Night – We actually did this a few weekends ago and it was so much fun. I just piled a cutting board high with cheese, crackers, cashews, chocolate, fruit, hummus, and prosciutto! And I brought out a bottle of wine that we had been saving for a special occasion. Nothing special to celebrate that night other than it just being Friday and WHY THE HECK NOT?! Also, I will say key to success with this is bringing out your fancy stuff…. You’ve got linens? Use them! You’ve got china? Now’s the time! … and don’t forget the crystal!

Movie with Popcorn and ALL the snacks – Okay, so for this one, it’s easy to just turn on Netflix have it feel like any other night, but NO. We are going all out. We decided on a movie earlier in the day, there is a set time, there are grade A quality snacks…. homemade buttered popcorn, candy (now’s the time!), chocolate, drinks. GO ALL OUT. When you commit, it’s honestly way more fun!

Old Fashioned Game Night – We love games but ALWAYS forget to bring them out… so if we’ve decided it’s game night then all the rules apply. We are keeping score, there is pizza, and beer, AND snacks! Nothing like getting competitive with your best friend!

Make Dinner Together – This is something we love to do! We typically share cooking/cleaning responsibilities, but I love a special “Make Dinner Together” date night because it’s an activity, it’s food, and ultimately it’s (usually! ha!) fun! Pick a theme, and again… commit. Italian night?! Then we are only playing Italian music and drinking Italian wine!

Hopefully these ideas spark some creativity. I know they aren’t novel, but sometimes a good list will get the ideas flowing. Happy date night, friends!

P.S. I’d love to hear your favorite at home date night ideas!


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  1. This is such a happy blog post! We will definitely try your tips. I also absolutely love making dinner together. I am looking forward to it every day after work. These are the little things in life 🙂

    Have a beautiful day and lots of love from Germany!


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