I’m super honored to be guest posting over at Frontgate today, one of my very favorite places for unique home decor finds! When I was growing up my mom and I would spend afternoons at the kitchen table flipping through their catalogs dreaming up spaces, so today has that extra special, full circle moment feel! Make sure you hop over and check out the feature!


It’s All About The Layers

Styling any space can be daunting, but a coffee table to me always feels like the MOST pressure. How many accessories are too many?! How do I make it both functional and inspiring?! Do we really HAVE to keep the remotes here?!… you get the point, it’s hard. So today I’m breaking down my top 5 tips to making your coffee table ‘magazine ready’ in a matter of minutes! 

Ashley Brooke - How To Style a Coffee Table - 8
Ashley Brooke - How To Style a Coffee Table - 5

 As we get started, just know that you most likely have most of these things you need in your home already, so don’t get overwhelmed just yet! Once you figure out the placement and how your coffee table functions best for you, then go out and find THE perfect tray or jar… we mapped ours out and then made a shopping list! I promise it works! 

Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Start With The Table

Over the past 4 years we have owned, not one, not two, but THREE coffee tables. That’s right THREE. I wince when I say that out loud because it is actually ridiculous. The problem is that we’ve been trying to be “trendy” for far too long and honestly, it just doesn’t work for us. We’ve owned two coffee tables without drawers and one that was glass (WHY??) and now, this one. To say that we’ve learned our lesson would be an understatement. 

Get the coffee table that works for you, that is functional, sturdy enough to put your feet on at night and has places for your remotes, trust me! This is our one and only sitting area, so we HAVE to be comfortable, and as soon as we saw this coffee table we knew, this was what we’ve needed for years. 

Since our house is on the smaller side (a trait I love, by the way!) we can make a BIG impact with a little. By finding the right rug (sold out, similar here), coffee table, and cozy blankets we were able to set the stage for styling. 

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Step 2: Add A Base Layer

Okay, now that you’ve found your perfect coffee table it’s time to get serious! What I like to do next is put my “base” down. The accessories that ground everything else. Since this table is SO large, I was able to break up the space into threes. With a large tray, a giant coffee table book, and a decorative stackable object (sold out, similar here).

By adding this base layer I’m able to then build on the look. Don’t skip this part, it’s by far the most important! 

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Step 3: Layer on more, Bring In The  Interest

Once we have our base layer in place it’s time to add the fun! Bring on the books the collectibles, and the necessary objects – like coasters!

For our table, I layered with a few of my favorite things – 

  • Resturant & Hotel Match Collection: We collect them during our travels! (here’s a fun vintage collection)
  • Favorite Coffee Table Books: Mine – Garden Inspiration by Charlotte Moss, and Ryan’s- Ralph Lauren 
  • Current Reads: Whatever we are reading always ends up on the coffee table, so I go ahead and make space for it!
  • Functional Items: Coasters 
  • Decorative Jar – We collect blue and white jars, and this one is perfect coffee table size! I keep trying to put Dolly’s treats in it, but Ryan keeps telling me that it’s “too nice” so for right now, it’s just a pretty jar! 😉 
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Step 4: Finishing Touches… Adding Life

Last but not least, it’s time to bring in the “life”! The flowers, the candles, the coffee… make your coffee table your own! 

I love swapping out flowers every week (I get my flowers here) keeping our home feeling fresh and happy! There’s nothing better than a vase filled with freshly cut flowers. Also, I can’t live without a good scented candle, this one smells like heaven! I light the candles around the house first thing in the morning and as soon as we walk out of the office at night. Candles and flowers really make a home feel like “home”.

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Step 5: Ta-Da! Time to enjoy!

Step Five, you made it! Now it’s time to cuddle up on the couch and enjoy your newly styled coffee table, relishing in your brilliance!

… oh, and grab your favorite furry friend while you’re at it! 

I hope these tips help you as you style your favorite spaces and, as always, please don’t hesitate to leave any questions you have below! I’m happy to help if I can! 

Happy styling friends!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my interview on Frontgate today! 


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