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Have You Tried These?

Recently, a girlfriend and I got into a discussion about apps – which ones we were loving and which ones we had recently deleted. I love life-hack conversations with your girlfriends where not only do you get to share something you recently have found but you also get to hear what they are loving. It’s the best! So, I thought I’d share a few of the apps I can stop clicking on and why!

P.S. Do you need a new phone case to house all of your new apps?! I have just the one! 😉 

1. Freedom

This app is a total game changer, and I love it. Ryan introduced this to me, and I’ve been using it for a month. It will literally block any app (or website) you tell it to for as long as you specify. Sometimes in the mornings when I am trying to get design work done, I will block all of my social apps and my e-mail. This way, I can really focus without distractions. 

The neat thing about this app is it will sync to your computer, so it’s really pretty fool-proof!


2. Headspace

I downloaded Headspace after hearing my friend Carly ranting and raving about it. I have never been good at meditating and often end up just making a to-do list in my head instead.  But, this app really teaches you how to meditate. Honestly, I think it really helps with my stress level. 

Not to sound too cooky, but I’m waaaay into this app and use it everyday. I’ll never roll my eyes about meditating again, I pinky promise! 


3. Wunderlist

If you are a list maker, to-do list crosser, and day dreamer then this app is for you. Just download it, and see all the magical things about it for yourself!


4. Audible

I’m an avid audio book listener! I devour books when we are in a heavy design season where I am spending long hours illustrating at my desk. This app is like my own little private library online, and I love it. For me, it’s well worth the monthly fee. I more than make up for it! 



5. Shipt

My friend Emily introduced me to this app, and I LOVE it. I can literally order my groceries while on an airplane and have them delivered to our house by the time we get home. I can’t even explain to you how much I love this app. I don’t often use it during the weeks we are home because it’s easy for me to just run to the store. But on our crazy travel weeks, it’s not humanly possible for me to do ALL the things AND grocery shop. It’s just not. So, this is truly a lifesaver for me!


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What are your favorite apps of the moment? Is there anything else I need to download?

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