5 Pale Pink Nail Polishes

Olive & June “SE” // Essie Gel Couture “Polished & Poised” // Persona “Blush” // Olive & June “Pink Sands” // Essie Gel Couture Gossamer Garments

5 Pale Pink Nail Polishes

The Best of The Best

At this point, whether it’s true or not, I *feel* like a pale pink nail polish connoisseur. I’m a manicure girl through and through, and truly don’t really feel like myself without painted nails. I do my own, so it’s not a bit deal, but I really try to keep them polished for the most part. When I was growing up, every Sunday night, my mom would paint my sister and I’s nails when she’d do hers, and it just became our routine. And when we were old enough to do our own, we’d sit around the kitchen table and all pull out our polishes… my poor dad, ha! Even though my taste has changed over the years (for a while I was *very* into chunky sparkles and baby blue polish), I’ve always loved a pale pink.

5 Best Pale Pink Nail Polishes
5 Pale Pink Nail Polishes
But to be fair, pale pink is the HARDEST polish to get right and to stay looking fresh.

In my opinion, you really do have to try a lot of polishes to find the right pale pink for your skin tone. Especially if you have really fair skin like mine. Far too often, the pinks will be too peachy or have a yellow undertone that makes my hands look…sick, for a lack of a better word. So I try to find tones that complement my skin tone rather than compete. Again, I have pink undertones in my skin… so this can be an issue.

Best Pale Pink Nail Colors
5 Pale Pink Nail Polishes

I know it’s only polish, and I’m most likely way overthinking here, but when you look at your hands all day while typing, cooking, crafting, etc. you want them to feel right, you know?! So today I’m sharing with you my Top Five Pale Pink Polishes, because one needs a pale pink polish in their life. Also, it goes without mentioning, but these polishes are all really great quality, and I can easily get 7+ days out of them. So if you are wanting to try a new polish brand, these are all fantastic!

Olive & June “SE”

This opaque baby pink polish is a go-to for me. Love the true pale pink color that two coats give. Such a good find.

Essie Gel Couture “Polished & Poised”

This is one of my favorites; it’s a pale pink with a dusty pink vibe. I love the way this one looks on. Really pretty.

Persona “Blush”

I love Persona’s new line of polishes, and this color does not disappoint. This is a warmer pale pink that is every opaque. This is definitely on the whiter side, but really pretty in person.

Olive & June “Pink Sands”

This is a very opaque pale pink with a blue undertone. If you are wanting an “almost white” polish that has a little pink to it, this is your color.

Essie Gel Couture “Gossamer Garments”

This is by FAR my most worn color. I think I’m on my fourth (maybe fifth) bottle. It’s definitely my favorite. I love the sheer baby pink, and think it looks so nice and clean. I also recommend three coats with this one if you are wanting a more opaque look.

Happy Polishing!


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  1. Hello there! Trying all the different colors on your nails is also a different experience and it looks very stylish and fresh too. I also love light pink nail polish. These are very nice and amazing blogs. Keep writing!

  2. Those are my go to nail shades almost always (except maybe Christmas). Thoughts on toe colors? Same as nails? Darker but complementary? Standard red, coral?

  3. Pretty colors! I also love a pale pink! Since working from home, I still do my nails weekly. Like you said, it’s nice to look down at my keyboard and see pretty nails. Sometimes I even do a manicure when I’m on a conference call now 🙂 don’t tell! LOL

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