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Amazon, I Love You.

Ryan and I love decorating the house every year for Christmas. We make a big deal out of it by playing holiday tunes, drinking hot cocoa, and literally dancing around the house as we go!

Even though it’s something we look forward to year round, we’re always a little terrified to open the decoration boxes from last year. More likely than not we took everything down in a hurry the previous year, which means the lights are in knots or that we swept something under the rug that needed replacing and now it’s this year’s problem. It’s always a messy job and the cleanup is half the work.

This year we set out to finally solve some of the pain points around the holidays & decorating. Here are 5 items that have been absolute GAME CHANGERS for us this year. We’re talking serious problems solved!

Amazon Tech To Make Your Holidays Easier

Wifi Smart Plugs

Let me tell you, these have changed our lives! No longer are we awkwardly reaching behind the tree or trying to find the little foot switch underneath to turn the lights on and off. 

In stead, we just tap a button on our phones or simply tell Alexa to turn on the “Christmas Lights”. It’s absolutely magical!

You can buy the plugs separately or you can buy a combo of the latest Echo dot + Wifi Plug together, which turns out to be a great deal!

Get Here

LED String Lights

These make decorating inside or out of your home a breeze! I put them in my wreaths that go on the windows. The lights work great and the battery  holder can easily be tucked out of sight. They’re light, portable, and nothing like the mess of plug in lights. If you’re already fighting with that tangle of last year’s lights, get these! 

Get Wire Lights or String Lights

Ring Doorbell Cam

There’s nothing I love more than driving home to a pile of packages at the front door! I can’t be the only one. 😉 What I don’t enjoy is feeling like anyone could sneak up and take them off the front porch when Ryan and I are away from home. 

In the age of online shopping that’s actually a real thing! Fortunately, that’s what the Ring Doorbell Cam prevents. Now you can keep tabs on all the goodies at your front door, without all the worry!

Get Here

Command Hooks

Ok, so this is not exactly high tech, but I love these so much! 

The large suction hooks can hold up to 10lbs, easily holding up the the wreaths at the front of the house.

For everything else, we use the removable hooks.  Again, they are removable, stick to just about everything (not just windows) and don’t leave a sticky mess. Perfect for indoors or lighter weight decor outside, even lights! Just buy the right hooks depending on their weight capacity and you’ll be good to go!

Removable Hooks // Suction Hooks (Large)  //  Suction Hooks (Smaller)

Handheld Dyson Vac

For cleaning up after your holiday parties (or vacuuming pine needles). Ryan and I swear by all our Dyson gear and this battery powered, hand held vac makes cleaning a snap!

Get Here

These are our tips and tricks this year. If you have any of your own, do share!


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