Sunshine & Coffee

As you all probably know already, our weekends have been low key lately. But on the weekends after treatment we tend to not leave the house… which means I pull out all of my staycation tips and tricks to make the most of a not-so-fun recovery weekend. With an open mind and a little positivity, they really work!

On Saturday afternoon we watched a movie cuddled up under multiple blankets (I cranked the air waaaay down to simulate Fall! ;)),  made our favorite dinner (Thai Green Curry), and rounded out the night with a big bowl of homemade popcorn, an audio book, and a little puzzle sesh. It ended up turning a usually a not-so-great recovery day into a really sweet one! And on Sunday morning the humidity in the air seemed to lift a little giving everyone, including Dolly, a little pep in their step! I thought a little sunshine was just what we needed and I moved breakfast outside. Complete out our books and a pot of French pressed coffee, you would have thought we were on Vacation! It was the perfect morning.


5 Things I’m Loving:

1. Pre-Fall Pink Polish – Over the weekend I painted my nails with this new color I picked up by Essie called “Young, Wild, & Me”. I usually go for a more powdery-baby-pink on my nails, but I thought this was the perfect pre-Fall color and I was right! It’s comes out as more of a nude on my skin tone, but I’m really loving it! 

2. Latest Audible Download – I love audible, and have been a member since 2011! I look forward to my credit every month and on Sunday evening a new credit dropped into my account. Within 30 minutes I had downloaded a new book, “How Hard Can It Be?” by Allison Pearson.  I’m only a few chapters in, but I’m already loving it! 

3. New Body Building Hairspray – Last week Living Proof sent me their new hairspray called “Body Builder” and I’m officially hooked. I love the way you can layer in the hairspray for your desired body and texture. I’m still pretty committed to Kendra 25, but I am loving adding this one into my routine!

4. The Perfect $20 Crop Top – I spotted this workout crop top at Target a few weeks ago and got so excited! Since starting BBG (starting week 6 this week! eek!) I’ve noticed how hard it is to actually work out with a shirt on… there’s so much jumping (i.e. burpees) that even a tight tank top gets annoying. Also, I’m working out at home on my porch in the Florida humidity so a shirt is pretty much not even an option. So when I saw this crop top I thought YES! Just a little more coverage than a sports bra and it’s super adorable. I definitely want to stock up on a few nice ones from Outdoor Voices or Lululemon, but this $20 is MORE than enough for now! 

5. Pumpkin Bread (V + GF) – I don’t know, is it too early to start making pumpkin bread?! I think I’m more than ready to start pre-heating the oven… I may be imagining it but I definitely think there’s less humidity in the air as of Friday, meaning PSL season is well on it’s way! Regardless, even if the temps don’t drop, you can rest assured knowing I will 1,000% be making this vegan/gluten free Pumpkin Bread recipe ASAP!! 


P.S. I just posted all the details on the 2018 Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale! Don’t miss it!!


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