How cute is this Memorial Day picnic designed by Ashley Brooke with Bloomingdale's? |


Get Memorial Day Weekend Ready!

First of all, HOW is it already Memorial Day weekend?! I just looked at the calendar and kind of flipped out! The kick off to summer is officially here, and it’s time to get ready. Whether you have big Memorial Day weekend plans or are like us and are doing a good old fashioned staycation, there are a few things you need to bring with you! So I’ve partnered up with Bloomingdales to help you maximize your Memorial Day weekend potential. Because let’s be real, there is always a reason to get fancy and celebrate! 


Velzera Top // DL1961 Shorts // Kate Spade Shoes // Kate Spade Plates // John Robshaw Towel // Sunny Life Drink Stirs, Swan, Speakers, Tote 


Memorial Day weekend must-haves with Ashley Brooke and Bloomingdale's! |


1. Pack The Swan

From experience, bringing the swan is ALWAYS a good idea. If you are a long time reader you might remember the MASSIVE swan I used to have in my backyard – it was my party trick. Everyone loved it, and I was devastated when it deflated. But when I saw this adorable drink holder… I knew it was love at first sight! Plus who doesn’t love a good “Instagrammable party moment”?!

 Blogger Ashley Brooke is Memorial Day weekend ready with Bloomingdale's! |


2. Bring The Tunes

If there is one ingredient to a good party it would be music, hands down. I wish I was one of those people who are really good at making playlists or knowing the cool thing to listen to, but I’m just not. I listen to focus music most days when I work, and audio books when I’m driving or cooking. Unless you want to hear ocean sounds or all about the latest chick lit I’m listening to, you are out of luck! Make sure you enlist your bestie who is queen of the playlist to make one and bring your speakers, you’ll need them!


Watermelon on a polka dot plate is the best summer snack! |
Blogger Ashley Brooke packs the best snacks for Memorial Day! |


3. Snacks on Snacks

I love to pack a picnic basket, so whether you are going full on BBQ style or doing light bites, snacks are king! I always pack a mixed cocktail as well, there is nothing more fun than a pink rum concoction ready to shake and pour! Also, this incredibly cute insulated bag has saved my life more than once! No one wants hot fruit, unless it’s in a pie. And don’t forget plates! I love bringing these Kate Spade plates with me to picnics and BBQs. They are durable but also super cute!

The cutest Kate Spade slides for summer from Bloomingdale's! |
Ashley Brooke is OBSESSED with this colorful Valzara top from Bloomingdale's! |


4. Get festive

I’m all about dressing for the occasion. If you are going to go to a summer kickoff party, then you might as well dress for it! I found this adorable little lightweight jacket that is under $60 that will most definitely be my new go-to summer cover-up! Is it not the cutest? Also, I like that it kind of makes me feel like a piñata. 


Summer cocktails need pineapple drink stirrers! |

Ashley Brooke has the cutest look for summer! Everything is from Bloomigdale's! |


5. Something to Stir

The last thing that you 100% can not leave home without are fun cocktail stirs. Whether you pick up a pack of drink umbrellas or get really fancy and order the entire “party pack”, you can not forget them. They are almost as important as the swan! 


Always bring a Sunnylife cooler and SWAN to get people talking at any party! |


Memorial Day weekend is happening, like, now. But trust me, you can still pull all of this off! Just hop on over to Bloomingdale’s new collection Sparrow and Wren, pick out a few must have items like these drink stirs, this tote, and the swan, put it all in your cart, checkout, and swing by the store to pick it up. You can be Memorial Day party ready in less than an hour, so get to it friends. Oh, and happy weekend!



Velzera Top // DL1961 Shorts // Kate Spade Shoes // Kate Spade Plates // John Robshaw Towel // Sunny Life Drink Stirs, Swan, Speakers, Tote 

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