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Out of Office, we’re coming for you!


Knowing a vacation is on the horizon is the absolute BEST! We always find ourselves daydreaming about all of the fun we’re about to have”¦and then we think about all of the things on our checklist that need to get D-O-N-E before we get to press pause. And, let us be the first to admit”¦that pre-vacation overwhelm is 100% REAL. But, we’re here with our top five tips to get you vacation ready just in time for Memorial Day weekend! You deserve some time OFF, girl, and we’ve got you covered!


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May 22-24, 2017


1. Make a List

The very first thing to do is to write it ALL down! We like to make a master to-do list before we make our game plan for the week. Whether the items on your to-do list have multiple steps or only require an easy errand, add every last thing that pops into your mind. Although your list may look lengthy, we guarantee you will feel better once it’s all on paper rather than swirling in your mind. P.S: This step is quick (think: 15 minutes or less), so write fast and add things later!



2. Make 12 Action Steps

We’re almost certain every to-do list looks (and feels!) like a LOT, so the first step is to BREAK. IT. DOWN. We like to look at the #allthethings big picture, and group things by type. This lets us see what we need to get done that’s related to work, life (aka: all things personal), errands, and more! Then, we break down the big tasks into much more actionable items (aka: 12 steps!) that we can work toward checking off throughout the week.



3. Check Off Three Steps Each Day

Everything on your list does not need to get done in one day, but checking off at least three things each day will make you feel like you’re making serious progress (because you are)! Before you even touch your email (or whatever steals the most of your time), check off at least one of the items on your list. Maybe it’s packing your makeup bag for your trip, downloading a new book from Audible, or sending a note to your neighbor to take in your mail. Whatever it is, check it off, and then repeat the same steps throughout the day as you complete two additional things.



4. Remove Your Distractions

When you have so much to do, it always feels like it’s so much easier to get distracted. So, put your phone into airplane mode to prevent yourself from popping onto Instagram (we’re guilty), log out of Facebook to create a barrier between you and everyone’s favorite site (seriously, knowing you have to log in will make you think twice!), and set a timer for short amounts of time (think: 5-20 minutes). Then, work”¦F-A-S-T. We pinky promise you will get more accomplished than ever before! P.S: Bribing yourself totally works too. Meet the 3 p.m. popcorn break combined with a new notebook!



5. Take Control

The biggest thing about any to-do list, especially a lengthy pre-vacation one, is to ALWAYS remember YOU are in CONTROL. How much you get accomplished, where you check things off, and when you check off that last item is completely up to you and your perspective. We’re always striving to get done every last thing, but LIFE happens, and that’s okay! When we see that vacation deadline coming up quickly, we always reevaluate ““ what has to get done versus what do we want to get done? They’re likely two VERY different things! Tackle the things that have to get done (we’re looking at you, work and school deadlines) and skip the things that likely won’t matter in the end (aka: think about what you’re actually going to wear on your trip ““ you likely don’t need that dress you’re coveting)! And remember, you made the list, the list did not make you!



What is one big item on your list that you KNOW you’re going to check off this week before your vacation? Let’s hear it! We want to cheer you on, girl!

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