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You’re about to LOVE Monday!

Let’s talk about the weekend! We are right there with you in the counting down until Friday game. We spend our weeks creating new content, designing products that are fun and super functional, watching as new orders ship to our incredible wholesalers, and chatting away with you. Everyone on #teamABD agrees ““ we LOVE what we do. But, who can argue with two days each week that are (at least sometimes!) completely free of our weekly to-dos? Weekends are MAGICAL, friends!

And then, something shifts every Sunday as the new week is upon us.

While it may seem that we are over here having so much fun, we can’t deny that we sometimes experience the infamous Sunday Scaries just like you”¦because OMG, there’s just SO MUCH TO DO. But, there’s always a way to make those feelings go away! So, here are the top five things we have been doing to set ourselves up to win against the Sunday Scaries and make our Mondays feel much less like… a Monday.


1. Write It ALL Down

We mentioned this in our vacation mode post, but it’s one of the best tips out there! Sit down on Sunday morning, afternoon, or evening (pick a time, any time!), and write down every last thing you need to do in the week ahead. Everything always seems so much more stressful when you’re counting it all up in your mind, but we promise you will feel so much better once those to-dos are sitting pretty in front of you. This takes us 15-20 minutes, but we always feel like we can conquer the world (or at least enjoy the rest of our Sunday!) once it’s D-O-N-E. P.S: Our Get It Together notebook makes this weekly step fun, fancy, and just a little bit sassy!



2. Organize

Whether you choose to organize your to-dos into daily steps throughout the week on Sunday or wait until first thing on Monday morning, make sure you break down everything on your list. We love turning to our Done & Done notepad for this step because we can see the entire week at a glance whenever we’re working away or scheduling a fun night out with our girlfriends. It truly is the best! P.S: Your list was not meant to be completed in a day, girl! That’s why God made weeks.



3. Make Your Coffee Fun

We always like to have at least one thing to look forward to on Monday mornings (and every other morning, let’s get serious here!) that is just plain FUN. So, we love knowing we can brew our first cup of coffee or tea and sip away in any one of our travel mugs! Plus, there’s something to be said for fancy coffee. Whip up Kyla’s blackberry syrup for the best coffee you’ve ever had”¦we’re not kidding!



4. Take A Break

Plan to spend the morning knocking some of those to-dos out, but make sure to take a break! We even go so far as to schedule our break onto our Done & Done notepad because it acts as an extra reminder to make sure we leave our desks. Plan to take a walk around the block, meet a friend for lunch (or just take yourself out to your favorite coffee shop), pick up flowers to deliver to your BFF, or switch spaces and write out a few FUN MAIL postcards for your favorite girls. We promise you will come back to your desk ready to keep tackling your to-dos because you will feel much more inspired!



5. Schedule Something Fun

The best way to get us through ANY day is knowing we have something fun happening that night! Working out is seriously one of the best ways to destress after a long day, and our Whatever tank is our favorite thing to wear. We also love knowing there’s a date night happening (a bike date night is a total bonus!), or even a girls night in to drink wine, snack on brownies, and watch one of our favorite chick flicks, a new series on Netflix (has anyone else watched The Crown?) or The Bachelorette.



The Sunday Scaries (and Monday morning) is about to have NOTHING on you! How do you like to get ready for the week? Let’s fill the comments with the very best tips to help us all!


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