The  Best Weekend Ever

We are all about that staycation life! Being total homebodies at heart, I love nothing more than a special weekend at home with my crew. But there is an art to this and over the years we’ve worked hard to perfect it.

First, let’s discuss the difference between a Staycation and a weekend with nothing to do. There is a giant difference between the two. A weekend with nothing to do is a Saturday and Sunday filled with FOMO and far too many hours in front of the television binge-ing your latest Netflix series. But a “Staycation” is a weekend at home that you’ve been thoughtful about, meaning… there’s a plan.




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The difference may seem subtle, but trust me, it’s HUGE. When you go into the weekend thinking, on Saturday morning I’m going to wear my favorite pjs, and stay curled up in bed with my new fancy sheets till noon, literally EVERYTHING changes. There’s a plan and activities (if you can qualify lounging as an activity!) on the schedule. Your weekend at home turned into THE BEST WEEKEND EVER. I’m telling you I’m the queen of this – you’re going to want to take notes!



Below are five of my favorite ways to make a weekend at home feel like a total dream! Come Monday you will feel refreshed, pampered, and like you’ve spent the last 72 hours at the Four Seasons.

5 Staycation Ideas

1. Breakfast in Bed, Do It Right – Now, this may seem basic, but no, you are going ALL out. This is not your typical toast and coffee in bed while scrolling through Instagram. This is full on fancy breakfast in bed! Open the drapes, wear those matching pjs (not that free ratty shirt you got at your last volunteer outing), make buttermilk pancakes, use the good china, and live a little! You’re planning to stay in bed till noon, so you need to do this in style! Use the fancy sheets, like these pretty striped ones from Bloomingdales which are like butter, and chuck your phone for a few hours. I promise, if you make an “event” out of it, this will be the highlight of your weekend! 

2. Actually Read The Book – You know that stack of books you have on your nightstand that you keeps growing, yea, that one. START READING THEM. Decide on Saturday afternoon that you will read for one hour. Just one uninterrupted, no phones allowed hour. Go outside, sit in the sunshine, grab a LaCroix and read. If you are anything like me you are Amazon-book-trigger-happy and have a stack of books that would make a library blush, but you never have any time to read them. Well, that stops this weekend. You have one hour… and it will be glorious. (here are a few book ideas if you need them!).

3. Pump Up The Tires, We’re Going For a Ride – This is so underrated! Bike rides and staycations are like salt and pepper they should never, ever, be separated. Dust off your beach cruiser and, depending the time of day, grab your beverage of choice and just go. This isn’t a Tour de France type ride, so don’t freak out. This is a leisurely, wear your flip-flops, bring your rosé kind of ride. If you’re in a big city, walk in the park. Take 45 minutes, you’ll be so glad you did! 

4. Sunset & Snack – Two of my very favorite things. There is nothing better than a snack filled sunset. Take some time the week before and scope out the perfect sunset location and plan your snacks accordingly. We have a few locations in our neighborhood that are unbelievable, including our front porch. But if you live in the city… find a rooftop and bring the guac. It will be the sweetest evening you’ve had in a long time. I promise. 

5. A Spa-Worthy Bubble Bath – Again you may be thinking, Ashley, really, a bubble bath?! And, YES, really, a bubble bath. But if that was your first reaction, then you are already doing it wrong, so listen up. The week before, make sure you have the right supplies so that it’s not 10 pm and you can’t find cucumbers. Prep for this! You’ll want good bubble bath, cucumbers, candles, champagne, and a face mask. Run the bath, turn on the spa music, and those roses you picked up earlier this week for your coffee table… it’s time for them to go in the bath! Pop a little bubbly and take 20 minutes to clear your head and steam your pores. I promise you’ll feel like you had a spa day! 



See, I told you these were good! Now, go cancel all of your plans and clear your schedule, it’s time to make room for a staycation of epic proportions!

Oh! But before you go, head on over to Bloomingdales and take a peek at their luxury bedding collection. Ryan and I fell in love with these preppy navy striped sheets a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with them ever since. If you are looking for ways to take your staycation up a few fancy notches… these should do the trick! I’m telling you, these sheets are like HEAVEN. 

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    • I know! They really are the MOST amazing! So thrilled you have one marked on your calendar… I’m already so excited for you! xx

  1. Wow! This sounds like an amazing weekend. I will definitely have to plan one like this soon. My favorite part? Bringing rose on a bike ride…genius! 🙂

  2. I love the way you write and your enthusiasm and energy are heartfelt! You and Ryan are in my prayers and I thank you for being a beautiful light in our world. God Bless you

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