Let’s Tie it Up!

I’ve always been into the ribbon. Growing up my mom had a HUGE glass cookie jar full of ribbons of all colors and all sizes.  My sister and I would put them in our hair, use as belts, or of course…as chokers (gah! Now that they’re back in style I wish I had saved all of those!)! We’d pick out ribbons that matched our outfits almost daily, and on the weekend our favorite thing to do was go to the ribbon store and stock up. So to say we were ahead of the ribbon trend is a gross understatement. We were in ribbons 100% of the time. 

Honestly, I had forgotten about them. Somewhere between college and up until recently my ribbon game slowed down… but just the other day I came across a photo on Pinterest and thought, that’s it.. I’m bringing my ribbons BACK! 

So here are 5 simple ways to wear your hair in ribbons this Fall, but you know, without looking like a 4 year old!



1 : The Messy Pony

The low messy pony is where it’s at now. It’s much more of a sophisticated look and I love the mix of sweet with the bow and messy with the tousled waves. The key to this look is not having your ponytail look too perfect, which let’s be real… I never can really achieve anyways! 



Charming Charlie Dress c/o (similar here and here)



2: Half-Up Half-Down

This is probably my favorite way to wear a ribbon. It’s simple, pretty, and girly. The key here though, is to make sure your ribbon is long and not too short! When it get’s too short, you start looking like you’re the captain of a cheerleading squad! 




3: Headband

In college, I wore my hair like this all the time. Especially when Gossip Girl first aired and we were ALL about Blair’s headband! This is a good gateway into wearing ribbons!




4: Braided

Often during the week I will shower and let my hair dry while I am at my desk as I return e-mails. After about an hour or so I always end up tying it back in a messy braid I love the look, but adding a bow makes it seem a little more intentional and less “I-didn’t-have-time-dry-my-hair”!



5: High Messy Pony

Again with the Pony! I am all about it. But like I said above, it’s better if your hair is messy and not too perfect! That is the key to ribbon success!





Okay, so those are my five ways to wear a ribbon in your hair! But spill it, are you into the ribbon look? Have you tried it?! Tell me all your feelings… I’m dying to know! 


Photographed by: Danielle Nichol Photography 


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