6 Playlists For Your Next Dinner Party

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I absolutely love hosting, and any time I get the opportunity, I’m always game! There is just nothing better than getting the chance to break out your favorite linens, glassware, and finally open up that bottle of wine you’ve been saving. My favorite nights are always the ones where we are still sitting at the table long after the dessert has been served, watching the candles dwindle down, and debating on whether or not to open *another* bottle of wine! I never mind waking up exhausted after a night spent swapping stories with friends… because in my opinion some of the best memories are made at the table.

6 Playlists For Your Next Dinner Party

6 Playlists For Your Next Dinner Party
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cocktail jazz spotify | 6 Playlists For Your Next Dinner Party
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Over the past few years, Ryan and I have found our dinner party groove; we each have tasks that we do in order to get everything prepped and ready. I joke that it’s our Dinner Party Dance, ha! And one of Ryan’s “to-dos” is always the playlist. To be honest, I listen to more audio books than music. So I always feel a little bit lost when it comes to a playlist. But Ryan has found some really good ones that have become our go-to’s. So I wanted to share them with you–just in case you too are in search of some tunes.

I feel like the mood totally ranges here, but these are our favorites currently. I hope love them too!


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