Gifts ideas for men on Ashley Brooke's blog
Gifts ideas for men on Ashley Brooke's blog

I know, I know…Guys can be incredibly difficult to shop for! Hopefully this list will make it a little easier on you this year, or at least help you with the brainstorming process!  To come up with my 2018 Guy’s Gift Guide I asked myself three personal questions:

What has changed my life this year? 

What purchases have I thoroughly appreciated? 

What would I actually love to receive this year (other than my never ending wishlist of power tools)?

The result is the following 7 gifts. The prices vary, but I did include an under $100 option for each gift. They range from personal wellness to practical to stylish.

I even added a few honorable mention gift ideas at the end. And you can always check these other guides if you need more inspiration.

Happy Holidays!


7 Gift Ideas for Men

Bullet Journal

I figured I’d start with what changed my life the most this year, the Bullet Journal Method. I read the book a few months ago, fully expecting to be bored after 5 minutes. A few hours later, I literally could not put it down.

My bullet journal has completely organized my life. From daily to-do’s, projects, and goals, to actually journaling every day. I’ve easily doubled my productivity.

I cannot recommend it enough. The book is incredibly compelling and encouraging, plus it explains the method. Buy them together!

Book $17 // Journal $20

Todd Snyder + Timex

Todd Snyder is one of my favorite menswear designers. There isn’t a thing on their site that I wouldn’t mind having and I was thrilled when they teamed up with Timex. 

You can never go wrong with a Timex as a gift. The Todd Snyder Waterbury is incredibly stylish and the price isn’t bad either. 

Todd Snyder Waterbury $158 // Similar Option $37

Garment Duffel

I noticed this on the J.Crew site this week and immediately added it to my own list. I am a very type-A travel packer, so I love a bag that has a place for everything. Not only that, but this would really simplify my weekend trip packing dilemmas. As a guy, you hate to pack an extra bag for a suit or blazer and NEVER would you think of cramming it in with the rest of your stuff. Problem solved with this bag!

That said, another more affordable option is the Herschel Duffel (not as many bells and whistles). It’s an absolute classic. I own this and love it. You can’t go wrong here either!

J.Crew Garment Duffel ($161 on sale)  // Herschel Duffel $85

J.Crew Shirt-Jacket

Talk about a purchase I do not regret one bit! It’s hard to nail down exactly what I love most about this one. It makes me feel like I’m driving towards the mountains in a vintage Ford pickup (that’s a good feeling for most guys).

At the same time it’s highly versatile.  I have worn it to Home Depot over a t-shirt with faded denim and also treated it like a blazer over a nice button up and dark jeans on Thanksgiving. It’s rugged, but well made and sharp when you want to look more polished.

This one is a winner.

Shop Here $98 ($63 on sale now)

Apple AirPods

Ashley and I each bought a pair of these this year and have loved the freedom of movement that they bring.

Never having to fight with a tangled mess of cords again will seriously reduce stress. If he has an iPhone, he needs these.

Shop Here $159

Ember Coffee Mug

I bought this for Ashley on her birthday this year and, to this day, she still claims it changed her life.

On my birthday, she returned the favor and I am glad she did!  This mug keeps your coffee hot! You can control it from an app on your phone and never worry about reheating your coffee ever again.

Shop Here 79.99

Barbour Anything!

That’s right, it doesn’t matter what you buy, he will love it! 

Barbour is the iconic outerwear brand known world-wide for their incredibly dependable jackets. This scarf caught my eye and would make an awesome gift. The jackets are amazing too and this is one of my favorite styles. 

Scarf $59.99 // Jacket $229

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  1. Great ideas! I’m actually getting some AirPods for my husband this year. He always has a tangled mess of headphones so I figure it would be a great gift for him.

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