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This week’s Desk Obsessed features the ultimate entertainer Camille Styles of Camille’s website is filled with all things pretty including some of the most clever party ideas EVER.  Her site is a daily must-visit for me, and lucky for you we’ve got all the dish on Camille’s desk”“ from pens to snacks to music: all the snazzy details! Hope you enjoy!

Name and Occupation

Camille Styles

Founder & Creative Director of lifestyle site

Is your desk more OCD organized or artistically organized chaos?

I have to admit, I’m one of those rare people who almost always has a clean desk. 🙂 I’m a firm believer that my environment is closely linked with my mental state, and clean, uncluttered surfaces definitely help me feel less stressed throughout the work day. I do like to add a few pretty touches to the desk, like fresh flowers, my Diptyque Rose Candle and Sharpees in every color of the rainbow.

What’s your go to pen or pencil? (We know you have a favorite!)

Right now I’m loving my Le Pen in both orange and teal.

What are you listening to at your desk these days? If you prefer to work in silence, is there a song or album that’s gets your juices flowing when you’re stuck in a ru

I always have music on during the day, usually a Pandora station which plays a great variety. The station I’m loving most these days is based off of Florence and the Machine.

Are there snacks or treats within arms reach of your desk? What are they?

I keep a glass bottle of Panna on my desk all the time, and when I do reach for a mid-day snack, it’s usually yogurt-covered pretzels or peanut M&M’s. I love that salty-sweet combo!

What 3 Things on your desk keep you on track and inspired?

My Nikon D7000 camera is never far from my side, a couple of pink peonies in a little vase never fail to make me smile and as a blogger, my MacBook Pro is my constant companion.

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