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Saturday is my 25th birthday… which feels a bit nuts! I keep telling my husband that your 25th birthday is HUGE, but he’s not quite convinced! I think he’s just jealous since he’s a few years past his 25th, ha! Anyway, we make a big deal out of birthdays around here and it always starts with breakfast in bed and ends with cake at midnight. There is nothing more fun than celebrating birthdays, but let’s be real, I like any excuse to be over the top, eat cake, and pop champagne!

June is my most favorite month, not only is it my birthday month but it is also my mom’s, sister’s, and B’s! So it does truly feel like one big confetti whirlwind… how could you not love that?!

Seriously, aren’t birthday’s the best?!

watch, nail polish, mouse pad, cocktail swatch book, mug, popsicle mold, necklace, workout shirt, sports bras, nikes


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