ABD Charming Trip To The Post

This week’s Charming Trip To The Post features another ABD custom postage stamp! I know a few weeks ago I told you about the ADORABLE custom seahorse stamp I did and today I’m sharing with you my sister’s wedding invitation postage stamp! My sister is getting married at the end of this month and I could not be more excited for her(also, I’m equally excited to show you her wedding invitations… SO CUTE!) She is having her wedding in Blue Ridge, GA. My family has a cabin there and that is also the spot where her Fiance proposed! So it was only fitting for me to create her entire wedding suite around their “Southern Love”. Their wedding suite (which I promise to show you soon!!) features this sweet little illustration I sketched out of the state of Georgia, I thought it would be adorable to use it on their postage stamp as well. It turned out perfectly and she’s gotten a really great response from them…. but then again how could you not love a custom postage stamp?


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