Salty, Sweet, & Smokey

Each year I try to make something special for our neighbors, delivery guys, mailman, tailor, and all of the other people that make our lives so much better and run a whole heck of a lot smoother! Most years I make giant batches of homemade caramel corn, but this year Ryan wanted in on the action and he suggested we use the Traeger.

Over the last six months our Traeger Eastwood 22 Smoker has gotten a WHOLE lotta love. Ryan has completely and utterly fallen in love with it, and truthfully it has made my life so much better! Ha! He’s always wanting to cook dinner now and that’s something I am just never going to say no to! Ryan even made the turkey this year for Thanksgiving (see here), and y’all, it was a HIT! So when he said he wanted to smoke something fun for our neighbors and friends, I JUMPED at the chance.

After a little brainstorming we came up with smoked nuts, and oh my gosh I am SO glad we did. Before I get into the whole process, let me first tell you that they taste SO UNREAL. Like, you won’t believe how good they are. This smoker seriously never ceases to amaze me. If you make one thing this holiday season, make these smoked nuts!

We landed on two Traeger Recipes: these Smoked Rosemary Cashews and Smoked Cinnamon Sugar Almonds! Both recipes were super easy and, quite frankly, fast! They could alternatively be made in an oven – they’ll be delicious, but they just won’t have that smoked flavor. Once the nuts finished smoking, I jared them, made homemade tags, and tied them up with ribbon. Such an easy and thoughtful gift that I think might just be a new favorite of ours, and I love that this year it was Ryan’s idea!

If you are on the fence about wrapping up a Traeger for you main squeeze this holiday season, I cannot stress to you enough that it’s worth it just for the homemade cashews! ha!

P.S. And if you need ANOTHER excuse! Free delivery on all grills purchased online and free assembly on all grills purchased in-store!!

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