First of all I want to say a BIG thank you to all of you who
Twittered and commented on my exciting news!
You are all so very very sweet!! Many, thank you!
We are super excited, and I’m sure in the coming weeks you will see lots of
paper projects that I will be working on for us, so that should be fun!

Here is the etiquette post of today:
These are the basic elements of any invitation:
1. Hostess name
2. What you are celebrating (birthday, shower, baby, ect.)
3. Time and location
4. RSVP either a date to RSVP by, or Regrets only is also acceptable.
5. Include any extra information that wouldn’t be already assumed
(black tie, parking directions, map, what to bring, ect.)

Those of you who commented on Ask Ashley Wednesday…
Not to worry! Your answers are coming!

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