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Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and I want to do something special, because why not!? So I got to thinking… and I thought it might be fun to recreate one of our favorite meals!

Lately Ryan and I haven’t been able to stop talking about The Polo Bar in New York. We don’t miss our old hectic travel schedule, but we do miss our trips to the city. We’ve toyed around with moving to New York so many times over the years because we just love it so much. But the flight from Florida made it easy for us to get our NYC fix every few months. 

But it’s been a little while since our last trip and we are dying for some of our favorite meals! If we were in the city or close by I would most definitely be ordering takeout this weekend, but since we are a *few* hours away ;), I thought it might be fun to recreate bits and pieces for Valentine’s Day!

Ryan and Ashley Brooke at The Polo Bar NYC
Ryan and Ashley Brooke at The Polo Bar NYC

Photos from The Polo Bar, August 2019

So below is a special (gluten and dairy free!) menu for Valentine’s Day! Full of all the good stuff from martinis to a decadent chocolate cake. I promise these recipes won’t disappoint.

I hope you enjoy, and cheers to a cozy and fancy night at home!

GLUTEN FREE / DAIRY FREE: ValentIne's Dinner Menu

It’s time to set the table!

Gin Martini

When Ryan and I go out, this is our cocktail of choice, but we never make them at home! So shaking up a few gin martinis at home would be so fun. Shaken hard, extra cold, with a lemon twist!

Recipe Here

via The Spruce Eats

Shrimp Cocktail

Okay, how fun is this?! Another thing I NEVER serve at home. But the crushed ice and lemon make this dish feel dressed up! 

Recipe Here

via Foodie Crush

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

Anytime I see “crispy brussel sprouts” on a menu I’m ordering them. This recipe looks AMAZING and super easy!

Recipe Here

via: Dash of Mandi

Asian Chopped Vegetable Salad

I always forget to make chopped vegetable salads, but I love them so much. Plus, the color that these salads bring to the table is unreal! 

Recipe Here

via: Thyme & Love

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

My mom always makes smashed potatoes for special dinners, so I love doing the same. It’s a family tradition! And, GOSH THESE ARE GOOD. 

Recipe Here

via: Cookie & Kate

New York Strip

This is Ryan’s favorite, so for special occasions I’ll bring out the cast iron skillet and make a steak happen! This recipe is SO good and the whole thing just feels special!

Recipe Here

via: Taste of Home

*Subsitute the butter for vegan butter to make this recipe DF.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie⁣

I’ve made this cake for Valentine’s Day the last few years and y’all it is SO GOOD. Promise me you’ll make this one.

Recipe Here

via: Minimalist Baker

*Substitute flour for gluten free flour to make it GF & DF


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