Nancy Drew via Ashley Brooke Designs

Good morning and happy Style Post Wednesday to you! So, remember that time when we went thrifting (ahem, I’m sorry, I mean”¦ popping tags)? Yea, well this ENTIRE look (except the belt) was $25.00, seriously, I am not even close to joking! We went to the Thrift Store with absolutely no “look” in mind and when I came across this trench coat I immediately put it on and said, “does this make me look like Nancy Drew?” (Which is always a goal for me”¦ love me some ND) And that my friends is how this look was born! We then started searching for “Nancy Drew-ish” type items and found this ADORABLE polka-dotted dress, along with the retro handbag, vintage bow pin, and oh-my-gosh the shoes, I LOVE THE SHOES!!! Anyways, I hope you love this as much as I do, I have recently gotten it all tailored and am planning to wear this look until it literally falls apart! So the moral of this story is: 1. If there is an option, always pick Nancy Drew, and 2. Thrifting is so much fun!

The best part of thrifting is everything is one of a kind, but we’ve pulled some links to some similar items.  You know, just in case you also dream of being Nancy Drew…

Links // Trenchcoat, Polka Dot Dress, Shoes, Belt, Bow Pin, Magnifying Glass, Handbag, Nail Polish (similar)

Nancy Drew Essentials via Ashley Brooke Designs

Nancy Drew 2 via Ashley Brooke Designs

Nancy Drew 3 via Ashley Brooke Designs


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