Ashley Brooke Designs - Farmer's Market

Hope you are loving our new feature, ABD: Styled.  Each week, we’ll feature a look, perfect for a specific occasion”“be it a birthday, a trip to the Farmer’s Market, or a night out with your best beau! We’ll break it down for you, without (hopefully) breaking the bank.  So from top knots to TOMS, from sunnies to sandals, we’ll be here, dishing out style each and every week.

If I have the opportunity on Saturday morning I love to grab my big tote and head down to the Farmer’s Market to pick up fresh flowers, fruit and of course… popcorn! So here is one of my very favorite Farmer’s Market looks! (P.S. I wore this exact outfit last Saturday at the FM —> here’s proof!) Oh and yes, I do get that excited when my husband says, “do you want to go get some kettle corn?!” The answer is always, Y-E-S!!

Ashley Brooke Designs - Farmer's Market

Ashley Brooke Designs - Farmer's Market

And here’s my favorite part of this style post…. the illustration!
Ashley Brooke Designs _ Farmer's Market Outfit Essentials
Get The Look // Gingham button down: Jcrew ; similiar, Shorts: Gap, Lindsay Phillips: Switchflops, Longchamp Le Pliage, Essie Tart Deco, Bridier Baubles Bangle
Happy Farmer’s Market-ing!

All photographs taken by // Gregory Daniel


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