Ice Cream Date Style Post via Ashley Brooke Designs copy

Happy style post Wednesday to you! Okay so, today’s look is all about going to your favorite ice cream parlor and stacking up scoops and scoops of your favorite flavors with your favorite people. To be honest, I love this look for many reasons and the first being that I shrunk this dress like a day after this was taken, so this is the last time I will get to see it in action (sad face)! And the second reason is because we literally shot this look suuuuuuuper fast because like ice cream tends to do it was melting quickly under the hot studio lights so as soon as it was over this ice cream cone you see here was gone in like 50 seconds… so good. No but seriously, it’s embarrassing when you take me to an ice cream shop, people stare. I literally loose all self control and end up ordering something gigantic and then spend the next five minutes frantically eating it, like someone is going to steal it away from me, to just spend the next two hours in pain because I quite frankly ate too much, too fast. But none the less, I light up like a Christmas tree when I’m told we are getting ice cream, so doing an ice cream date look was just inevitable!

Ice Cream Date Style Post Essentials via Ashley Brooke Designs

This outfit is just the cutest… so wishing I hadn’t shrunk that dress. boo.

Ice Cream Date Style Post via Ashley Brooke Designs2

Wishing you date nights filled with sprinkles and waffle cones!

Get The Look // Dress–J.Crew, Belt–Lilly PulitzerClutch”“Market Colors, Rope Bracelets”“Knotical, Earrings–Brighton(similar), Ring, Polish–Essie

All photographs taken by // Gregory Daniel


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