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Happy style post Wednesday to you! Today’s post is all about that impromptu party! If you are like me, (which, let’s face it… you are!) you are most likely on the party circuit (ahem, …literally.). And sometimes an unmissable, spontaneous, and fabulous party will come up out of the blue that you just cannot, will not, miss! And usually when this happens my first thought is… I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. Which is #1. beyond ridiculous, and #2. a tired statement that one should never, ever say. What I am really saying is that I have a whole closet packed with clothes, but I’m not creative enough right now to pick something out and put it together–seriously. So with that being said, I have a few go-to pieces that I can mix and match into party looks–you know, just in case a fab party comes up and I need something on the fly! This is one of them… and I seriously think just about every girl needs a twirly skirt in their closet that screams “take me to a party!” So, this is mine! Also, the great thing about this skirt is that I can pair it with all sorts of things (Keds, heels, t-shirts, blouses…you name it!) and can pretty much work any party! So, moral of the story… always be ready for a party!

Let's Party Essentials by Ashley Brooke Designs

Let's Party 3 via Ashley Brooke Designs

Lets Party 2 via Ashley Brooke Designs

Get the Look // Top–Annie Griffin, Skirt–Bel & Beau, Necklace–Kate Spade, Bracelets–J. Crew, Shoes–Nine West, Lipstick–MAC Cosmetics in ‘Chatterbox’, Polish–Essie

All photographs taken by // Gregory Daniel

Styled by Josh Owen of Willard Randall


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