Ashley Brooke Designs - Glambox 2



Your makeup will thank you.

Today’s Fancy Friends post is all about Glamboxes, the ultimate cosmetic game changer. I am serious. If you didn’t already know this about me, when I was yonger I wanted to  be one of two things: an interior designer or a makeup artist…. funny how things work out! Anways, that may explain my serious addiction to all things beauty. I’d absolutely rather buy makeup than clothes; I’m a firm believer that a new shade of lipstick can change everything… so when I heard about Glamboxes, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. For me, being a neat freak, my makeup situation always drove me insane–everything was always everywhere in one big bin. And then Glamboxes came into my life and changed everything. There is something about having an organized makeup drawer that really makes you feel like you have it together.  

If you are like me and have 12,238,222 lipsticks… you need this. It’s a total game changer! 

Ashley Brooke Designs - Glambox 2


Ashley Brooke Designs - Glambox 2


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