Today’s Fancy Friends post is all about Illume and their AMAZING candles! Okay, so I know I have talked about Illume like 1,000,902,830 times, (see the shoot we did for them here!) but they are just that good! As you know, I am all about Fall and all the good smelling things that come along with it: crisp air, apple pies, PUMPKIN CANDLES, chili, etc. And as you can imagine, I am a bit of a pumpkin candle snob and like only a particular few… and this yummy-pumpkin-goodness is at the tippity-top of my pumpkin smellin’ list! I do not know what you are doing right now, but whatever it is… you need to stop and go order yourself a few of these. Get one for you and one for you neighbor… trust me, they will love you forever!

P.S. If you think we may be besties and we just haven’t met yet”¦feel free to shoot us an e-mail and fill us in on what we are missing!


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