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For our next installment in my new favorite series, ABD’s Fancy Friends, I want to share with you the newest addition to my coffee table… monogrammed coasters from Le Papier Studio! First off, let me just say that I am the coaster police. Seriously. I always told myself that I would NEVER be so worried about coasters like my mom was growing up… and then I got my own coffee table and BOOM. Hello, Lesa Daniel. I am now all, “do you need a coaster?” in a sweet but forceful, southern hospitality tone… you know what I’m talking about, you totally do it too!! I digress… like you can imagine I am now alllllll about the c- to the -oaster and am on a never ending hunt to find pretty ones that people will want to use! So, that is where le Papier Studio comes in with their FABULOUS monogrammed wooden coasters. They are so amaze that everyone wants to use them and I can finally take off my “coaster police” badge and enjoy a cocktail myself! So, if you are anything like me…. which let’s face it, you totally are… then you need to stop what you are doing and go order yourself a set of these!!  P.S. Fun fact, I did the le Papier Studio’s blog header…. isn’t it just so magical!?!

If you think we may be besties and we just haven’t met yet”¦ feel free to shoot us an e-mail and fill us in on what we are missing!


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