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The Easiest Shopping You’ll Ever Do!

Okay, so I’m going to tell you a secret that you won’t even believe… I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes! I know, I know, your whole vision of me has changed, and I am sorry. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEE clothes and I especially love a new outfit, but I don’t love going to the mall, trying it on, taking an awkward mirror selfie, texting it to my sister to see what she thinks (don’t lie, you do the same thing too! Shopping on your own is hard.), waiting for her to respond, etc. You see where this is going. It’s not my favorite thing, and then I found out about Le Tote.  

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Yup, that’s right, a wardrobe delivered right to your doorstep for (are you ready for this?!) UNLIMITED TIMES A MONTH. WHAT! This may even be better than groceries being delivered! Le Tote is kind of amazing

Here’s what you do: sign up and make an account, add in all these things about yourself, measurements, likes, dislikes, etc. and then you get to choose wardrobe ideas from pieces they select for you! AND THEN, a fancy stylist chooses 3 garments and 2 accessories for your box! That’s right, your very own stylist! Magical. 



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To be honest with you, everything fit! And that is not a lie. I was so impressed! What is also amazing about Le Tote (besides UNLIMITED BOXES each month! Still can’t get over that.) is that you can wear everything and then send it right back. It’s like the world’s best rental service. Ever. Ship back what you don’t want, keep what you do, and a new box gets shipped to you just a few days later. Magic, I tell you. Straight up MAGIC.

If you haven’t signed up for Le Tote, you need to NOW. Not only is it a serious time saver (OMG), but hello personal stylist!!! From now until 11/1/15, you can receive 20% off your first month’s Le Tote box with the code ‘ASHLEYBROOKE’. <—- Run, don’t walk!

Get on it friends, you won’t be sorry!



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