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In Flight Essentials

I’m  girl who likes to be prepared, so consequentially this makes me an EXTREME over-packer. Seriously I am the worst! I have started keeping a few things tucked away in my carry on bag just so that I am prepared at all times for a flight. There is nothing worse than getting on the plane, buckling up, and THEN realizing you don’t have your headphones…. or, God forbid, a hair tie. Anyways, I have been recently adding things to my “in flight” bag such as this adorable eye mask from Perpetual Shade! We just booked a trip to Paris for the fall, and I am thinking that this little eye mask is going to be my bestie for that overnight flight! Also, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it has magical powers to keep me free of jet lag too. #wishfulthinking! 

Ashley Brooke Designs - 2 Perpetual Shade


Since we are talking travel, spill it! What’s in your carry on bag? Tell us all the things…

All the Details

Nourish Snacks Miss Popular (P.S. Use the code ABD10 for 10% off my favorite snacks!) // All The Things Notebook // Gigi New York Passport Case // Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence // Smith’s Rosebud Lip Balm // J. Crew Hair Tie // Perpetual Shade Lip Eyemask  


Ashley Brooke Designs - Perpetual Shade


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