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Are The AirPods Pros Worth It?

A few weeks ago on stories I shared that I impulse purchased these AirPods Pros after Ryan’s 64th conference call one Thursday afternoon. The next moment y’all flooded my inbox with “amen!”, “do they work?”, and “ordering ASAP!”. And tons of “please review!” messages, so your wish is my command!

Before I get into it, two things. Ryan and I have been working together since 2016, so we are veterans at working in a 10×10 room together. We do it everyday and it’s never really been an issue. But over the past few months Ryan’s conference/zoom calls have easily quadrupled and I was LOSING MY MIND. I’m notorious for not being able to think without complete and utter silence or deep focus music. There must be NO WORDS, at all, ever, or I’m out! Ha!

AirPods Pro – Order Here

Our house isn’t very big, which is one of my favorite things about it, but the projecting (and I do it too!) while on a call made his voice even travel into the closet where I was trying to hide out. So I bought the AirPods Pros and haven’t looked back!

AirPods Q&A

Do you think they are worth the price? Yes. I’ll be the first person to tell you that they are expensive, especially for someone like me who could care less about technology! But, I will say they are worth every single penny.

Are they comfortable? Yes. I have tiny ears, so pretty much everything is uncomfortable for me. My ears start aching after wearing my regular AirPods for about an hour. But the AirPods Pros are significantly more comfortable. The silicone earbuds make for a more comfortable fit. Plus they have 3 sizes included in the box. I wear the smalls and am very happy! I can wear these for a lot longer without my ears aching.

Do they hold their charge? Yes. I’ve had 90 minute phone calls with my mom, then straight to listening to an audio book, and then onto music for my run. For me, they last all day! I don’t have one complaint about the battery life.

Are they really noise canceling? For the most part, yes. For me, they cancel out 90% (if not more!) of the noise. Enough for Ryan and I to be sitting back to back in a 10×10 room and for me to be able to work in peace while he is on call. I can hear a VERY muted mumble but it isn’t enough to bother me. And sounds bother me. They also have an adjustable setting that I really like, so when I am running I can turn off the noise canceling and feel safe knowing when cars are around, etc. It’s really quite increadible.

All in all, they have totally changed my life, especially during quarantine. I can not say enough good things about them. They are worth every single penny and I am SO grateful for them!

P.S. You can order them from Walmart and the shipping is FAST!


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  1. Good to know, I was thinking of getting them but was not feeling the price I didn’t know what the difference was. So good to hear someone likes them and that they cancel out noise.

  2. I’m so intrigued! I love the concept of not having the wires. I take my dog on tons of walks and would be so nice to not have the wire in the way of his leash, picking up his poop, etc. Also we got a bunch of work out stuff in our basement and it would be so nice to have the wire in the way when moving about!! I am curious if they fall out of your ears? I have issues with the regular apple headphones (with the wires) falling out of my ears. Thanks for sharing your review!!

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