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The more the merrier!

Okay, so our stroller situation is hysterical and I can’t get enough. Also, I cannot take credit for this because both my sister, Kyla (of How To Pack A Diaper Bag fame) and girlfriend, Carly (who gave me the sweetest reminder when I became a new mom) helped me figure out what I needed… I heavily rely on the two of them for all things baby and baby gear. Truthfully, the two of them have seriously set us up for baby success in more ways than one.

But… let’s get into our baby stroller configuration, shall we?!

ashley brooke baby stroller

The baby stroller situation…

We have the Uppa Baby Vista 2 stroller and L-O-V-E it. It’s my favorite baby thing we own. This has become my home away from home. It fits my diaper bag and literally everything else, plus it’s just plain precious. The bassinet attachment is too much for me and truly a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to stroll around town with a bassinet, and it’s just a great as I thought it would be. Also, I love that it comes with a mosquito net which I use ALL the time here in Florida! (This should come in pretty handy for us here, too!)

The stroller is fairly large, but it fits in the trunk of our 4-door sedan perfectly. And we only take the bassinet with us if we are going to be somewhere we think he may want to stretch out! Like on Sunday, when we went for brunch on Park Avenue… it was perfect. He could wiggle AND take a nap, it’s like a crib on wheels! Also, I haven’t yet, but I’m fairly certain I could change a diaper in there quite efficiently.

When we are out around town, I tend to pair down the accessories (cup holders, etc..) but when we set out for our walk each morning I load that thing up! (Here are all the things!) Our walks usually last about an hour and I like to have all my beverages and accessories with me…. because why the heck NOT?

And the carseat situation…

For the most part, when we are taking our stroller out with us we are using our carseat and attachment ring… and it’s genius. The ring snaps on and the carseat easily clicks into place and off we go. Couldn’t be easier!

Also, I want to call out the carseat specifically because we are obsessed with it! I know not all babies like their carseats, so it can be a preference thing, but this carseat is our baby’s happy place. It’s cozy, has a built in privacy shade, and is easy to maneuver. Seriously, Nuna Pipa, we love you.

The Uppa Baby Vista 2 accessories

Cup holder — My favorite accessory! I use it every day, and it even holds even my giant Stanley Quencher. Five stars!

Carry-all — So great… it holds my phone, sunscreen, AirPods, and it will also fit another cup… which you know I love.

Fan — The most important accessory of all for Florida… and I’m actually thinking about getting a second one to face me! What do you think, too much?!

Sound machine — I don’t typically turn this on when we are on a walk (unless it’s a dire situation!), but we do use it every time we get in the car and especially if we are out somewhere and he needs a nap.

Nuna Pipa attachment ring — LOVE. THIS. THING.

Truthfully, we’ve just scratched the surface with accessories here (because I load it up)… but the sky is clearly the limit, just look at this!

All of this to say, if you are in the market for a stroller or carseat, I cannot say enough good things about our baby stroller situation.

BUT, what am I missing? Tell me what you love!

P.S. — You can always find all of my latest and greatest baby items here!



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  1. What time do you do your walk? I’m a new mom. I’m trying to figure out my new schedule and how to get out before it is too hot.

    • Hi Friend!! I wake him up and feed him at 7:00 am and then we hit the road around 8:00 ish! He often falls asleep (around 8:30) while we are out and I just transfer him into his crib. It’s been working for us!

    • Love this! Thank you! Curious, is there a reason you went with the Nuna car seat instead of the Mesa that already integrates with the stroller?

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