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The best part of a new school year or semester was always the school supplies! You have to tell us we were not the only ones carefully wandering down each and every aisle to make sure we had chosen the perfect notebooks, binders, pens, and pencils. Obviously, everything had to coordinate because fancy stationery and high grades were totally related to us! So, it’s safe to say our love for all things stationery is nothing new.

We may not be shopping for school supplies, but we still believe there are few things better than a blank page! That’s why we always love opening a notebook for the first time. There’s so many things to jot down whether they’re to-dos or our biggest ideas yet. Also, does anyone else love the start of a new week? We’re all about flipping our to-do list to a new page. Mondays and Tuesdays always feel like they hold so much promise!

To celebrate our favorites, our notebooks and notepads, we thought we would run through the best one to add to your cart no matter your reason or season (hello, college, working, engaged girls)! And the best news? When you use MAKENOTE5, we will take $5 off of your fancy new notebook and notepad purchase!


For The College Girl:


We know from experience, when you’re in school you’re either taking notes or studying notes! So, why spend so much time with a boring notebook? We may not be able to make a subject more exciting, but we can make taking notes that much more fun with our Get It Together notebook. It’s pink, there’s palms, and the cover features gold foil. Everyone is going to talk about you in your class for all of the right reasons! Plus, your calendar is BEYOND full. Pop our Done & Done notepad into your cart to make tracking your weekly to-dos productive AND fancy! We pinky promise combining both means your week will be on point, girl!



For The Career Girl:


Whether you’re walking into a boardroom or prepping your latest lesson plans, our Notes & Things notebook is one of our top sellers! The girl is seriously about town because she’s serious enough to hang with all of the boys in the business world, but she’s sassy enough to make your weekly meetings just a little more exciting. Navy dots, gold foil, and plenty of lined pages makes this notebook one you will love for a while! Also, you’re juggling all the things at the same time (we know, we’re just like you!), so put some extra pep into your marathon to-do list with our Totally Doable notepad! This notepad features perforated pages, which means you can tear away your daily list like a boss while your weekly list stays sitting pretty with some serious check marks!



For The Girl On The Go:


We all have friends who have more events planned in just a few days than we have planned in a month! That means, she needs an All The Things notebook! This trusty spiral bound piece is perfect to toss into any bag, especially while running from place-to-place. And, we love using this notebook when we travel! From jotting down things to remember to journaling about your latest trip, there’s so much to write when you’re 30,000 feet in the air!



For The Engaged Girl:


If there was ever a moment to write down every last thought you have it’s definitely when you’re planning (or helping a friend to plan!) a wedding. From venues and flowers to cakes and dresses, there are so many things to decide. Because you want your biggest wedding dreams and details to be a surprise for your guests, our All The Secrets notebook is perfect! With a hand illustrated pattern on the front, pages and pages of lined paper inside, and a size that will definitely fit in your bag, we think you’ve just met your wedding planning bestie.



For The Everyday Girl:


Whether you’re jotting down notes when you’re on a quick call, writing a note to your daughter’s incredible teacher, or keeping track of your meal planning or grocery list, our Happy Thoughts notepad will allow you to GET. IT. DONE. For real! Is there anything handlettering, gold foil, and pink lines can’t help you solve?! We can’t think of a thing! Yes, friends, you need this!



Let us know what you’re adding to your cart in the comments! And, while you’re adding to your cart, pop a Fancy Pencil Set (or 5!) into your cart for you and all of your besties. Every pencil is like a pep talk while you write. We don’t mess around with notes! Remember to use MAKENOTE5 to take $5 off your notebook and notepad purchase!


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