All My Favorite Ingredients, Delivered

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I’m THRILLED to tell you that the holiday baking season is upon us. And I legitimately couldn’t be any more excited about it. I’ve already been printing out recipes left and right (this is how I organize my recipes!) in anticipation. And my sister and I have been texting about what we are going to bake together first. I’m currently rooting for turkey shaped sugar cookies, ha! But I did already kick off the season with a pumpkin pie vegan cheesecake, because, well, I saw this recipe and couldn’t wait!

All My Favorite Ingredients, Delivered
All My Favorite Ingredients, Delivered

I’m thrilled that I had my Walmart+ Membership to fall back on, because there is nothing worse than wanting to whip up a pie and realizing you don’t have the ingredients in your pantry. NOTHING makes me want to cry more.

I’ve been such a fan of Walmart+ (see here & here for proof!), and have been using the service for a while now… and honestly, it’s fantastic! Not only am I constantly scooping up baking goods, but I’m also constantly popping clothing items into my cart as well. Like this shift dress that’s been on repeat (see here & here) and this oversized cozy cardigan I’m wearing here.


My Pantry

All My Favorite Ingredients, Delivered | Walmart+ review


Gluten Free Flour


Organic Pumpkin


Organic Pumpkin


If you are unfamiliar, Walmart+ is a new kind of membership at $98 per year, or $12.95 per month. And it truly will revolutionize the way you shop in store, online, for groceries, and more.

Walmart+ membership review

I love utilizing this membership to scoop up those items I need quickly that may take a little longer to arrive; if you are in a SUPER rush, you can also use the mobile Scan & Go benefit through Walmart+ and checkout while you shop in store, which is awesome when you are trying to get to the beach before sunset!

Thank you for sponsoring this post, Walmart.


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